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Lost Luggage? Everything You Need To Know About Lost Baggage

By June 25, 2022June 27th, 2022Insurance

Losing luggage on a trip can be awful. Whether your baggage is lost by the airline before you arrive at your destination or if it disappears from the cargo hold on your return trip. No matter the situation, lost luggage is a headache!

While lost luggage from American Airlines or lost baggage from Delta Airlines is all handled internally by the airlines in different ways, there is something you can do. Here is how you can handle lost luggage and solutions to keep your vacation enjoyable.

Helpful Information About When Airlines Lose Your Luggage

Before we get into your insurance options for reclaiming baggage or getting compensated for the lost luggage, there are some things you need to do. You should first check if your baggage is just delayed or lost. Even if others on your flight got their suitcase, your belongings might still be getting unloaded separately.

Once you confirm your baggage has indeed been lost, it is time to report the baggage as lost. Most airlines have a lost baggage claim. File the luggage as missing and ask lots of questions. Many airlines have an option to provide funds to replace the baggage or provide funds for clothing you need on your vacation.

While many airlines handle lost baggage claims differently, you should make sure you ask what the next steps for reclaiming your baggage are and what the steps for getting compensated for your lost baggage are. Depending on the airline, you may find this process to be easy. Then again, some airlines can make this an excruciating process. No matter the airline that loses your baggage, your insurance may be able to help with your lost belongings.

Insurance And Lost Luggage

There are actually a lot of different insurance options for your lost luggage. For example, homeowners’ insurance, renters’ insurance, coverage for valuables, or travel insurance all play a part in getting your lost luggage or returning the cost of the lost luggage.

Homeowners’ Insurance For Missing Luggage

Did you know your homeowners’ insurance travels with you? In a variety of situations and circumstances, your homeowners’ insurance can protect you and your valuables beyond the walls of your house. Homeowners insurance has an off-premise clause that protects your valuables in travel. Make sure this coverage is included in your homeowner’s insurance.

Renters Insurance For Missing Baggage

Like homeowners insurance, renters insurance can protect some of your belongings when lost in travel due to an off-premise clause. Before going on a trip, you should get in contact with your renters’ insurance provider to see if you are covered. Or reach out to us, and we will set you up with the best renters insurance.

Valuable Possessions Insurance For Your Luggage

If you are traveling with high-value items, it would be wise to get in contact with our insurance agency and get valuable possessions insurance coverage for them. Valuable possession insurance has specific details and protection for items like jewelry, guns, or historical items. 

Travel Insurance For Baggage

The most obvious and straightforward way to protect yourself from lost luggage or unexpected travel expenses is by getting travel insurance. Travel insurance is vital for the frequent flier or anyone traveling out of the country. If you travel domestically, there are always accidents where your baggage might end up on the wrong flight and in another country. So protect your luggage with travel insurance.

Contact Strickler Insurance To Help With Your Baggage & Insurance

Your baggage can be lost if you fly with Southwest Airlines, Delta Airlines, or Emirates. If you travel regularly, it is a good idea to be aware of your insurance coverage and how it can protect your airline luggage. Make sure you are covered through professional insurance. When you contact Strickler Insurance, we can work with you to determine if you have the coverage you need for travel.