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According to FEMA’s 2020 data 45% of businesses fail to reopen after a disaster. This is nearly half of the businesses that experience a flood or disaster. This is why it is vital for your business to have flood insurance coverage. This insurance is not only for your business’s present protection, but it will ensure your business survives even after a flood strikes.

Since business owners might have flood insurance grouped in with their homeowners’ insurance they don’t always realize their business property insurance does not include flood insurance. Call us to find out if your business has commercial flood insurance.

How Much Does Commercial Flood Insurance Cost?

How much should you expect to pay for commercial flood insurance? It depends on if you are within a flood zone, how much coverage you are seeking, and the cost of what you are protecting with flood insurance. Generally, you will pay around $5,000 a year for about $250,000 in building coverage. This is a general statistic and there are a lot of factors that determine the cost of commercial flood insurance.

What Is The Maximum Flood Insurance Coverage for A Businesses?

Did you see the likelihood of your business closing after a disaster and want to make sure it will survive the storm? The maximum coverage for commercial flood insurance varies. You should contact us to find out your flood insurance coverage rates.

Does Flood Insurance Cover Business Interruption Insurance?

If you are insured for flooding insurance with a non-NFIP policy and experience property damage and are unable to operate, then you are covered by business interruption insurance, but for that coverage. If you have a NFIP policy, they do not cover loss of business. This is a huge factor in purchasing commercial flood insurance.

What Are The Two Types Of Commercial Flood Insurance?

Wait, there are two types of commercial flood insurance? Yes. The first is the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). Through the NFIP your payments account for depreciation and can result in certain losses. The NFIP doesn’t cover loss of business either, which is bound to occur if your business is flooded. The other option is non-NFIP insurance policies. The non-NFIP provides loss of business as well as paying out the full replacement costs.

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At Strickler Insurance we believe we can provide you the best commercial flood insurance. We are located in Lebanon Pennsylvania right by the waterfront and railroad tracks that run through the city of Lebanon so we are no stranger to floodwaters. Contact us for flood insurance for your business in PA, MD, NJ, NY, DE, and VA.

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