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Fleet Insurance

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Fleet insurance provided by Strickler Insurance.

Fleet insurance is a great way to protect all of the vehicles that your company owns. Whether you own a limo business, taxi business or delivery business you need to protect your fleet of vehicles. Having a single auto insurance policy for all of your vehicles is the most effective way to save money and protect your investments.

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What Is Commercial Fleet Insurance?

With commercial fleet insurance, you can have liability insurance that protects the risks involved with all of your company’s vehicles. Commercial fleet insurance is designed that you can have all of your vehicles on one plan. If you were a construction company and you have 2 salesman’s vehicles and 4 construction crew’s vehicles you can have them all on the same fleet insurance policy even though they are utilized for different things.

Another benefit to using commercial fleet insurance is you can add and remove vehicles easily. This will save you time and paperwork with each of your company’s vehicles.

How many vehicles are needed to have fleet insurance? That depends on the insurance provider. Some providers only need three vehicles while others need more to consider your vehicles a fleet.

What Does Fleet Insurance Cover?

Fleet insurance can protect a variety of things. Just like regular auto insurance, you can provide protection for the driver of the vehicle and additionally, it can protect the liability of the company. There is a wide variety of options within free insurance that can allow you to customize your coverage. For instance, one of your employees is making a delivery with the company vehicle and they run over the customer’s petunias. The customer is upset and the petunias are smashed. What is to be done? With the correct fleet insurance, the petunias and your customer’s property are protected.

While this is an entertaining example there are other areas that fleet insurance covers besides personal property. Making sure you’re employees are protected and your business is protected is extremely important. Below are a few examples of different types of insurance that you can include within your custom free insurance plan.

Fleet Insurance Specialists At Strickler Insurance

And Strickler insurance we have a team of professionals who understand the value of fleet insurance. We have members who work with large trucking companies to make sure that their fleet of vehicles is protected and their business is never hindered from the unexpected. We work with a lot of restaurants that have delivery drivers and a fleet of vehicles for deliveries. Make sure your fleet insurance is provided by an agency that knows what you need. Contact us for a free fleet insurance quote today.

How Much Does Fleet Insurance Cost?

The cost of fleet insurance depends on your driving history, the usage of the vehicles, and the vehicle’s year, make, and model. There’s a variety of information that goes into determining the cost of fleet insurance. Fleet insurance is typically more cost-effective and time-efficient than having separate auto insurance policies for each of your vehicles.

Do I Need Fleet Insurance?

In Pennsylvania, you are legally required to have auto insurance on vehicles. If you have multiple vehicles for your commercial business you need fleet insurance to save money. Combining your auto insurance for your cars and trucks will be an effective way to manage your insurance policy as well as protecting your assets. Contact Strickler Insurance for more information.

What Are The Fleet Insurance Regulations In Pennsylvania?

State laws about insurance regulations for commercial vehicles differ from the rules about privately-owned vehicles. For help understanding the laws in your area, and to find out about fleet insurance options, please contact us today.

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Strickler Insurance is located in Lebanon Pennsylvania. Get your vehicle fleet insurance in central Pennsylvania or one of our neighboring states. At Strickler, we hope to provide the best fleet insurance. We provide fleet vehicle coverage in New JerseyNew YorkMarylandDelaware, and VirginiaContact us today for a free fleet insurance quote!

Fleet Insurance - Group of Business Vehicles in a Lot

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