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Mobile home insurance or manufactured home insurance is a specific type of home insurance designed to protect you, your family, and your mobile home.

What Is Mobile Home (Manufactured Home) Insurance?

Mobile home insurance is a type of insurance designed specifically for your mobile home. The reason that mobile home insurance exists is because there are greater risk factors for mobile homes. Because of their design and structural build they are more susceptible to flooding fires natural disasters in general damage is occurring. For instance, because of the Underside of a mobile home being more exposed to the elements is more common for pipes to freeze and burst which would result in water damage. Mobile homes are typically in a manufactured home development. Because of living in a closer vicinity to a variety of homes there’s more chances for one of the homes to catch fire and the damages spread from one home to the next.

What Is The Difference Between Mobile Home Insurance And Manufactured Home Insurance?

Wait there’s a difference!? Yes there is a difference between manufactured homes and mobile homes and that is based on the manufacturing date of the home. Mobile homes built after June 15, 1976 are considered a manufactured home. Mobile homes built before that date or considered mobile homes. The insurance policy offered for your home is dependent on if you have a manufactured home or mobile home.

Essentially if your home is considered a manufactured home and meet site certain criteria it will need a home insurance policy. So now you must be wondering, what is the difference between mobile home insurance and regular home insurance.

What Is The Difference Between Mobile Home Insurance & Regular Home Insurance?

In general mobile home insurance and home insurance are extremely similar. Both insurances protect your home personal belongings and liability claims. A mobile home require special policies that are designed for them. These customizations or additions to the mobile home insurance policy are called endorsements. Endorsements protect your mobile home for things that would only apply to a mobile home.

What Does Mobile Home Insurance Cover?

As mentioned in the differences between mobile home insurance and regular home insurance, there are additional policies and coverages that you can customize to your mobile home. Getting endorsements for your mobile home is an effective way to protect your investment. Learn more about these endorsements for your mobile home insurance today.

Do I Need Mobile Home Insurance?

If you have a mobile home you definitely need mobile home insurance. Mobile homes are more susceptible to damages from the elements neighboring homes in a variety of other factors. Getting mobile home insurance should be your first priority.

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