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Pet Insurance

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Pet Insurance In Lebanon Pennsylvania

Are you the proud owner of a new pet? When you get a dog, cat, or any kind of pet it is like adding a new member to your family. They live with you, spend time with you, and love you. Having a pet is a huge part of your family and we know that. This is why we have started providing pet insurance for our customers.

Animal lovers and pet parents alike have found huge benefits to getting pet insurance. Many people want to know the benefits of pet insurance as well as how pet insurance can help secure your future and your animal’s future. When you contact strickler insurance we will work with you and your pet to make sure you have the animal insurance you need.

Dog Insurance

Getting insurance for your dog is a wise decision. Whether you own a lap dog or a large dog that thinks they are a lap dog, we have a variety of dog insurance options for your four-legged friend. Get pet insurance for your dog here!

Cat Insurance

Cat or we should say “cats insurance” since many of our cat owners could not own only one cat is such a great way to protect your pet. Cat insurance is very affordable and can protect your cat and your finances in a medical emergency. Typically cat insurance is more affordable than dog insurance and you can get a plan to cover multiple cats.

What Is Pet Health Insurance?

Pet health insurance is pet insurance. It covers costs in the case of your pet’s illness or injury. A pet can be a lot of fun, but they are prone to accidents and illnesses. By having pet health insurance you can protect your pet and your financial future.

What Does Pet Insurance Cover?

Pet insurance coverage works very similarly to health insurance. You can cover the cost of medical bills or prescriptions depending on your plan and coverage.

Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

Many veterinarians recommend pet insurance. Certain places might require you have pet insurance in order for your dog to use the facilities or to go through training. Having pet insurance is low cost and comes with a variety of benefits.

What Is The Monthly Cost Of Pet Insurance?

Pet insurance typically costs anywhere from $10 to $50 per month. It depends on a wide variety of factors. A young newborn Calico cat has a lower insurance cost than an older Great Dane. This is because a Great Dane is larger and more susceptible to injury and with them being older there are medical bills more likely in the near future.

Get Pet Insurance Through Strickler Insurance

Getting insurance for your dog or cat is a wise decision, getting your coverage through Strickler Insurance is an even better decision! Strickler insurance loves your furry friends and wants you to be able to protect and care for them. Bundle your pet insurance in with our other coverages and save time and money when you get insurance for your pet through us.

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