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Rental Property Insurance

Protection for your investment.

Rental property insurance provided by Strickler Insurance.

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Your tenants may have rental insurance, but that only protects their assets, not yours. If you have a rental property you probably spent a large amount of time flipping the home into separate apartments. Don’t let that money go to waste. If your apartment building burns down without insurance you’ll not only lose income from your tenants but your largest asset.

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What Does Landlord Insurance Cover?

Landlord insurance or rental property insurance is designed to ensure the building itself as well as your personal property. If you provide your rental apartments furnished, then the furniture is insured.

Rental Property Liability Insurance 

You can also include on your landlord insurance  policy liability coverage. Liability coverage on is primarily designed to protect you from being sued by a tenant. Safer instance a tenant falls down the stairs to their apartment building. They file a lawsuit against you saying the stairwell was unsafe. Liability insurance will help you in this landlord and tenant situation.

Landlord Lost Income Insurance Coverage

If a property is damaged, that means you can’t rent it out for a period of time. Having lost income insurance on your rental property can help negate the lost income that is stained during a certain time frame.

Pennsylvania Landlord Insurance Specialists

Strickler Insurance is located in Lebanon Pennsylvania. We have been providing insurance to landlords for over 160 years. Because of our history and our local community we considers ourselves experts in providing insurance for rental properties. Contact Strickler insurance for a free insurance quote.

Do I Need Landlord Insurance?

Do I need rental property insurance? Yes, financially it is most wise to purchase insurance for your rental property. If you do not, what you thought would be a financial investment will not pay off and it will result in a financial deficit. Don’t lose money on your rental property by not being properly insured.

Doesn’t My Homeowners Insurance Cover My Rental Property?

No. A home and rental property are two very different insurance policies. If you try to cover your rental property with a home insurance policy, you will not be protected. Make sure your rental property is correctly insured to protect yourself.

What Is Not Covered By Rental Property Insurance Policies

Due to there being lost income insurance for landlords, a common question we receive is whether that includes when a tenant fails to pay rent. This situation is not covered by rental insurance. Also, the tenants property in the apartment typically isn’t covered by landlord insurance.

Get Landlord Insurance From Strickler Insurance

Strickler Insurance is located in Lebanon Pennsylvania. Get your Landlord insurance in Lebanon PA, Pennsylvania or one of our neighboring states. At Strickler we hope to provide the best Landlord insurance. We provide rental property coverage in New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Delaware and Virginia. Contact us today for a free Landlord insurance quote!

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