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Yacht Insurance

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Yacht insurance provided by Strickler Insurance.

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Owning a yacht is wonderful. Every time you use it, do you recognize how great it is to relax in luxury. You do not want to lose your yacht. Making sure your yacht is protected with watercraft insurance is important to keep your yacht afloat and your peace of mind while relaxing.

What Is Yacht Insurance

Yacht insurance is a type of watercraft insurance designed to protect larger watercraft. A Yacht is typically defined as being 27 feet or longer. Insurance coverage on your yacht is extremely similar to insurance coverage on your vehicle. The ocean can be more unpredictable than roads and navigating the bay as well as the other watercraft can be just as dangerous as merging onto a highway during rush hour.

How Much Does Yacht Insurance Cost

The cost of yacht insurance varies based upon the state do you use your watercraft and the different amount of coverage for your boat. There are also different types of yacht insurance policies. You can choose to protect the replacement value or catch value of the yacht. 

What Does Yacht Insurance Cover

Yeah insurance like car insurance can protect you from damage, theft, fire, or liability. Having coverage for a wide variety of potential risks in owning a yacht will help keep you from large financial costs, as well as protecting your yacht.

Do I Need Yacht Insurance?

Well not every state requires you to have insurance on your yacht, Manny recreational lakes as well as ports at the ocean require a certain level of liability insurance. So while you are not required, do you want to have yacht insurance so that you can sale your ship anywhere.

Get Yacht Insurance From Strickler Insurance

Strickland insurance is located in Lebanon Pennsylvania and while we might not be next to the ocean we provide insurance coverage in Pennsylvania as well as neighboring states. If you wanna take your yacht up to the great lakes in New York, or to the ocean in New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, or Virginia we can provide the yacht insurance you need.

Yacht Insurance - Family Sailing on the Ocean with the Boat

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