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6 Actions To Take During The Snowstorm To Protect Your Pennsylvania Home

By December 17, 2020February 4th, 2021Community, COMP365, Home Insurance, Knowledge, Personal Insurance
6 ways to protect your Pennsylvania home during a snowstorm.

Six Ways You Can Protect Your Pennsylvania Home During A Snowstorm

In Pennsylvania, the weather can be wild. One minute the weather and news stations are saying there is going to be a record-breaking blizzard and the next day it is just rain. Then we’ll be expecting a light dusting of snow and it is an actual blizzard. 

If our PA roads weren’t bad enough, our roads during a snowstorm are terrible! If you want to find out how good your PA county is at plowing snow just drive to the county line. Crossing from Lebanon county to Berks county you can see a definitive where the snowplows stop. If you are brave enough to travel north and go over the Appalachian mountains you will wonder if Schuylkill or Lehigh county even bother plowing!

But as much as we like to complain about Pennsylvania roads that is not what we are here to discuss. We want to provide you, our Pennsylvania homeowner a guide to protect your home from damage during the storm. We have written up a guide on how to prepare for the snowstorm, but you might have not seen that article before this small dusting turned into a PA blizzard. So what actions can you take to protect your home while it is still snowing?

1. Shovel During The Storm If It Is A Large Snow

If the snowstorm continues for a large amount of time it may be a good idea to shovel your driveway before it stops snowing. This is a safety precaution that will ensure you were able to leave your home if an emergency arises. It also allows for emergency vehicles to access your home. The number of house fires increases during the winter due to unsafe heating and cooking practices. If the fire truck is unable to access your home to put out the fire your home will be at a greater risk.

2. Stay Home During A Snowstorm

If you want to protect your home during a snowstorm you should stay home. Many accidents occur at slow speeds during snowstorms and you have the potential of damaging your home from your very driveway as you try to navigate pulling in and out of your wet slippery driveway.

3. Have A Setup For Wet Clothes

As you inevitably go in and out of your home, you are bound to bring in snowy wet clothes inside. Having a place for these snow-covered clothes will keep your floor from being damaged and furniture from getting wet. A lot of families will have a designated location for wet clothes. Be sure to avoid placing snowy clothes on heaters because this is a fire hazard.

4. Salt Porch & Front Walk

As the snow accumulates it can overpower the salt you originally placed on your front porch and walkway. Be sure to resalt the porch and front walk. This is for safety measures as people may be walking on the sidewalk or our local Pennsylvania mail carrier delivers our mail and Christmas packages.

5. Keep Your House Warm To Avoid Frozen Pipes

Keeping your house warm is extremely important during the winter. Make sure your entire house is warm so it doesn’t lead to pipes freezing and bursting. If the pipes freeze and burst they will cause a large amount of damage and a plumber may not be able to help you until after the snowstorm stops. Learn more about preventing frozen and bursting pipes in your home.

6. Contact You Insurance Agent If Any Damage To Your Home Occurs

As the United States has moved to work from home since the pandemic, so have we. While our physical location might not be open. You can file your claim online or call us to file a home insurance claim immediately. The earlier we can get the claim in the better. If you wait you will have to take care of the claim during a busy workday. By calling now you can have peace of mind immediately. If your insurance company isn’t open, you should consider contacting Strickler Insurance for a free quote on home insurance. Even when we aren’t open we have our Comp365 Technology dedicated to managing your claim as fast as possible.

What To Do After The Storm

In Pennsylvania, the weather is always sporadic. That is why we know that the work to maintain your home after a snowstorm hits is so important. Whether you are living in the city of Lebanon, Harrisburg, or Reading or you live in the rural Pennsylvania countryside, your home needs to be protected from the snowstorm.

Read our after the snowstorm research on what to do to maintain your home after a snowstorm hits.