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6 Things To Do When The Weather Drops Below Freezing

By December 20, 2022December 28th, 2022Insurance

Managing Your Home In A Deep Freeze

Pennsylvania homeowners regularly have to deal with hot summers and cold, damp winters. We get all kinds of weather in the keystone state. What should we do to protect our homes in freezing cold weather?

When the temperature drops below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, there is a chance of freezing and bursting pipes, roof and gutter damage, and fires from improper home heating methods. Below is our list of ## things to do if your PA home experiences the deep freeze of winter.

1. Check Your Heat Sources

You should have turned your heat on well before it drops below freezing, but it is always a good idea to check your heater and make sure it is operating correctly. For PA homeowners with a coal stove or wood stove, you check your heat sources regularly. If you have oil, it would be a good idea to check your fuel level. It may have been cool for the past month or two so your fuel as been quickly used up over recent months.

Keeping your home around 65 degrees will keep pipes in your walls from bursting and freezing. This is one of the most damaging things that can happen to your home. If you suspect you have frozen pipes in your home, see our helpful guide on what to do.

2. Do Not Plug Electric Heaters Into Circuit Breakers

Many homeowners or renters use space heaters to keep their homes warm during the colder months. Make sure you keep your space heater away from anything flammable, and do not use a circuit breaker with your space heater. This opens up the potential of the space heater being melted or the electrical circuit being overloaded.

3. Do Not Heat Your Home With An Open Oven

Many people will open their oven with the heat on to raise the temperature in their home. This is extremely dangerous, and you shouldn’t do this. It would be better to purchase an electric space heater to provide an extra heat source last minute.

4. Be Careful With Candles

As the holiday season starts and the cooler weather is more prevalent, candles come out in droves. While they fill up your home with beautiful smells, they create a potential hazard. Keep candles away from flammable materials and have them located in a safe location.

5. Check Your Gutters For Water Freezing & Build Up

When the temperature drops below freezing a lot of people do not go outside unless they need to get to their vehicle or shovel the snow off their walkway. It is important to take some time to make sure there is no ice build up in your gutters.

6. Keep Your Sidewalk And Drive Clear Of Snow & Ice

We know it is cold outside, but managing your sidewalk is imperative to keep you from being held liable for someone’s slip and fall. Whether you own a business in town or have a residential home make every effort to keep your sidewalk clear of snow and ice.

Most homeowners clear snow from their walk immediately but what is unexpected is ice. When the temperature rises and drops, a wet walkway will freeze over. A lot of slip and fall cases are caused by ice on a sidewalk.

Contact Your Insurance Agency For Any Damages During Freezing Temperatures

Whether someone slips and falls in front of your home, your roof is damaged by falling ice or tree branches, or your pipes burst from freezing temperatures you should always let your home insurance agency know about damages that occur during freezing temperatures. They can help you and get your home taken care of as fast as possible.