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6 Ways To Reduce Slip & Falls In Your Business

By December 28, 2022Insurance

Slip and falls in retail stores, restaurants, or places like a hospital or school may seem common or expected but they are a much bigger problem than one would think. Business owners must lower the risk of slips and falls on the premise of their business to not be held liable.

The Risk Of Slip & Falls At Your Business

One of the main reasons retail stores and businesses that have customers on site need insurance is for liability. Slip and falls on the premise of your business can lead to you being held liable for a person’s injury. The only way you will be held liable is if it is proven you’re negligence led to their slip and fall incident.

How Can You Reduce The Chance Of A Slip & Fall?

If you make continual efforts to reduce slips and falls at your business, it will be difficult to held liable or be proven negligent in a case. The CDC indicates ladders are one of the most common workplace slip and fall cases that lead to major injuries and fatalities.

Below are ways you can prevent slips, trips, falls, and injuries in your store:

1. Keep Aisles Clean & Clear

Do not leave products out in the aisle for people to trip on. Keeping the aisle clean and clear of debris will ensure the safety of your customers. 

2. Clean Up Spills Or Leaks

In most businesses that serve people there are drinks. Other businesses work with fluids that can spill onto the floor. Whichever type of service your business provides slip and falls from a wet floor are extremely common, and a lot of businesses bear the liability for not cleaning up a wet floor.

3. The Floormat Problem

Floor mats are visually pleasing, can absorb liquid to prevent slips and falls from water on the ground, and are extremely useful. The only problem with a floor mats is they wear out. A floor mat can cause a trip and fall by having that pesky corner that is always folding up on its own. Or if not weighted down the floormat can become just as much a hazard.

4. Ladder Placement & Security

You do not want customers on ladders. Ladders have a major risk of collapsing or falling to the side, especially when used by someone who does not use ladders very often. Store ladders out of reach of customers and do not leave them unattended to prevent slip and fall incidents with ladders.

5. Mark Steps & Stairs Clearly

Many people trip and fall on steps or stairs especially when they are near a doorway or entry. By clearly marking that there is a step you can forewarn your customers. This will help prevent slip and falls near steps.

6. Keep Outside Walk Clear Of Snow & Ice In The Winter

If you are from Pennsylvania like us, you are used to snow melting and freezing repeatedly. Maintaining your walkway is extremely important to prevent slip and fall incidents in front of your shop.

Contact Your Insurance Company When A Slip & Fall Occurs At Your Business

You should immediately contact your insurance company when a slip and fall occurs. They will help advise you on what to do when a slip and fall occurs at your business. Protect your business and its future by having liability insurance for your company.