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Finding My Car Insurance NAIC | What Is An NAIC?

By January 28, 2023July 31st, 2023Insurance

An NAIC number is a 5-digit unique number used to identify insurance companies. This is set up at the state level. NAIC stands for (National Association of Insurance Commissioners). Most people are aware of needing an NAIC number when their registration needs to be renewed.

A NIAC number is associated with an insurance company. It can be used to identify how many complaints are filed against a company, information regarding their legal history and financial history, and what states they are licensed to operate in.

How Do I Find My NAIC Number?

Your NAIC number can be found on your insurance policy or with your insurance agent. Typically on your auto insurance card, paper slip. On your auto insurance policy, you can see your insurance company’s NIAC number with your policy number. You will need to provide this information when renewing your vehicle’s registration.

If you cannot find your insurance company’s NIAC number, you can always contact your insurance company. 

Why Do I Need To Have A NAIC?

As mentioned above the insurance company’s NAIC number is needed to renew your vehicle’s registration. A NIAc number represents your insurance provider. The number is used to confirm the insurance company is licensed to provide vehicle insurance in your state.

If you live in Pennsylvania, only certain insurance companies can provide coverage for your vehicle. When renewing your registration, your insurance company needs to be confirmed to ensure you have the correct coverage.

Why Would I Get Insurance With A Company Outside Of PA?

While it can happen by accident, but some people try to get insurance coverage in different states because of it being cheaper. States have different standards, restrictions, and minimum requirements for insurance coverage. But this is illegal and why the NAIC number is used to manage insurance coverages in connection with State registration.

Technically, if you are living in New Jersey, a state that recently passed laws to raise the minimum insurance coverages for New Jersey residents, and you also live in another state like Pennsylvania, it might be better to have your vehicles and main residency based in Pennsylvania for lower insurance rates. Insurance coverage is just one factor in a variety of local taxes, so more often than not, it is not worth moving your residence to lower your insurance costs.

Contact Strickler Insurance For Auto Insurance

Strickler Insurance can provide insurance coverage in Pennsylvania and a variety of other states like New Jersey, Maryland, and surrounding states. Contact us for a free auto insurance quote and help to get a new NIAC number. We want to provide you with better coverage at a better cost.