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Fireworks And Insurance Coverage

By May 20, 2021May 28th, 2021Home Insurance, Insurance

Whether it be Fourth of July fireworks, or New Year’s Day fireworks when pyrotechnics damage your home it can be a disaster. Some firework damage we have seen is as simple as scorch marks on your house’s siding. And worst-case scenarios fireworks cause injuries or a house fire and a large amount of damage.

If you are reading this immediately after your home or property was damaged by fireworks, don’t wait! Call your local fire department and try to extinguish any flames or embers that can further damage your property or lead to a house fire.

Fireworks And Homeowners Insurance

You want to be covered for firework damage on your homeowner’s insurance policy. In 2018, fireworks were responsible for nearly 19,500 fires according to Forbes magazine. Many of these fires were simply outdoor fires, but a large number involved damages to vehicles and homes. Homeowners insurance can not only protect your home from damages but your neighbor’s homes from damage and the damages you would be held liable for. This also includes injuries caused by fireworks and the liability that would fall on you as the homeowner.

I Damaged My Home With Fireworks, Am I Covered?

When your home is damaged from fireworks, right away you want to know if you are covered, especially if a fire started and damaged a large portion of your home. You should be covered for fireworks damage as long as the damages were accidental and the fireworks were legal. Make sure you call your insurance agent immediately to file a claim for your fireworks damage. If your home is exposed to the elements, more damages could arise due to negligence.

I Damaged My Car With Fireworks, Am I Covered?

When your vehicle is damaged by fireworks, you may be covered. Typically firework damage to vehicles is covered on your car insurance policy under comprehensive car insurance. Comprehensive coverage is not required, so if you do not have comprehensive insurance you may not be covered for firework damage.

Who Is Liable for Firework Damage?

Can you set off fireworks legally, and they injure someone, your liability insurance on your homeowner’s insurance policy is designed to protect you. The policy will usually cover medical expenses as well as any potential legal expenses. This liability coverage includes damage or injury to the neighbors or anyone impacted by the firework damage.

There are certain scenarios where your liability insurance will not cover the injuries or damages caused by the fireworks. Below are a few examples of reasons your insurance will not cover firework damages.

  • Illegal Fireworks Probably Won’t Be Covered
  • Firework Damages Caused On Purpose Are Not Covered


My Neighbor Firework’s Damaged My Car or Home, What Should I Do?

When a neighbor sits off fireworks and damages your home or vehicle, it can be very aggravating. Not only will you have to deal with your neighbors, but now you need to deal with getting the damages fixed. Even though you were not the responsible party, contact your insurance company and file a claim for the firework damage. Your home insurance will typically cover the damages even if they were not caused by you.

Fireworks Safety Tips

Fireworks should be set off by professionals, but many people in Pennsylvania and the United States set off their own fireworks regularly. Below are a few tips on how to use fireworks in a safe manner. When setting off fireworks do the following:

  • When setting off fireworks make sure you are or away from buildings or structures.
  • When fireworks are launching, maintain a safe distance from the launch pad.
  • Never use illegal fireworks or homemade fireworks.
  • Do not light fireworks indoors.
  • Do not allow children to use fireworks.
  • Do you not like fireworks in containers.
  • Do not throw fireworks or AIM fireworks at people.
  • Have a hose, water source, or fire extinguisher ready to put out fires.
  • Make sure you only like one firework at a time.
  • Do not try to re-light fireworks.
  • After fireworks are done being set off, water down the leftover cartridges or spent containers.

Stay Safe Setting Off Fireworks This Holiday

We hope you stay safe and enjoy setting off fireworks with friends and family this holiday season. Contact Strickler Insurance for a free home insurance quote for a car insurance quote. Get a free insurance quote!