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11 Ways To Get Cheaper Car Insurance

By January 31, 2023May 13th, 2024Insurance

Car insurance rates are going through the roof. Everywhere we hear about insurance coverage on vehicles increasing. The price of cars is increasing, the mechanic price’s increasing, and insurance rates are rising and rising. People are posting on Facebook asking if others have seen the same rise in their auto insurance coverage. What should we do? Does anyone know where to get cheaper car insurance?

The Problem With Car Insurance

The problem we are having with auto insurance is it is increasing everywhere. It is at this moment we all start shopping around for a lower price. With everyone’s coverage increasing, the choices are slim, and if there is a better deal on cheaper car insurance, it is typically only a few cents or dollars.

“With insurance, you definitely get what you pay for. Generally speaking, cheap insurance means that the policy is more in the carrier’s favor than yours, meaning it will likely deny coverage or limit it in most situations. Better insurance would be more likely to pay in a claim situation, hence why it would cost more.”

Patrick Freer

We want to help you save money as car insurance prices increase, so we have compiled a list of ways to get the cheapest car insurance possible.

1. Use Telematics To Lower Your Car Insurance Costs

Telematics is a tool that studies your driving habits and tacks your miles. By allowing an insurance company to use telematics on your vehicle, you can get cheaper auto insurance quickly. Try telematics to save on your vehicle.

2. Check Rates With A Local PA Insurance Company

Sometimes local insurance providers can provide better rates than the large companies like State Farm, Allstate, or Geico. Most of the insurance market is controlled by these companies, so they largely impact insurance rates. A local insurance agency can find the cheapest car insurance rates for you and your family.

3. Purchase Less Car Insurance Coverage To Lower Your Auto Insurance

We do not advise you to drive underinsured, but if you purchase less, you pay less. If you do not care about protecting your vehicle, you can drive with minimum coverages that will result in a major financial loss if you get in an accident. You can get cheaper car insurance, but you may have to pay later.

4. Find Car Insurance Discounts To Make Your Auto Insurance Cheaper

So many insurance companies have discounts and ways to lower your auto insurance. Simply ask what ways you can lower your auto insurance premiums and they will have a variety of programs you can use to lower your insurance costs. The most common auto insurance discounts we have seen are safe driver discounts, loyal customer discounts, discounts based on age and a variety of other discounts that are typically automatically factored in like when you reach a certain age or get married.

5. Get Cheaper Auto Insurance When You Bundle

When you combine your auto insurance and homeowners insurance, you can save a lot of money on all of your personal insurance through bundling.

6. Lower Your Auto Insurance With One Policy

By having multiple vehicles on one auto insurance policy, you can save the same way you can save when bundling insurance policies.

7. Accident-Free Is The Fastest Way To Cheaper Car Insurance

If you have an accident-free past, you will automatically have cheaper car insurance. Driving safely leads to a lower-risk driver, which means it is less likely you will have an auto insurance claim. Drive safely and lower your auto insurance premiums.

8. No Speeding Tickets Lowers Your Auto Insurance

If you have a ticket-free past or have not received a speeding ticket for some time you will save on your auto insurance for the same reason you save when you do not have a lot of accidents in your past.

9. Purchase Your Auto Insurance 6 Months At A Time

You can save time, money, and paperwork by making your auto insurance payments every 6 months rather than every month. This is an easy way to lower your auto insurance costs.

10. Make Your Payments & Paperwork Online

This may save costs on auto insurance only a small amount, but going paperless is always a great choice.

11. Compare Auto Insurance Rates Between Carriers

Contact Strickler Insurance to compare your auto insurance rates with different carriers to see which one has the lowest premium. We would love to help you save money on auto insurance.