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How To Start A Career In Insurance?

By October 31, 2022Insurance

A career in insurance can be enjoyable and beneficial. There are a lot of positives to working in insurance, and there is a wide variety of specialties you can pursue. As an insurance agent, you do not have to go to college, and it is a great position and life long career to get into right out of high school. Our insurance agency has had many people who start in insurance and grow their skills and get the right qualifications to become an insurance agent all while they work for us.

Planning Your Insurance Career Path

A large part of starting a career in insurance is choosing your path. Do you want to work with businesses or help on the personal insurance side with areas like home insurance and auto insurance? Within personal and commercial insurance, you can also choose multiple specialties and areas to focus on. There are also other areas to learn and focus on like business benefits or Medicare and Medicaid.

Steps To Becoming An Insurance Agent

Follow the following steps to becoming an insurance agent:

  1. Determine whether you want to be an independent insurance agent or work for an agency. An independent insurance agent is typically more profitable while working for an agency you are directly tied to a single company.
  2. Choose which area of focus you want. As mentioned above, there are a variety of types of insurance, but typically it is a choice between commercial insurance or personal insurance.
  3. Find out what your state’s license requirements are. We are located in Pennsylvania. We are also large enough that we are certified in additional states. If you become an employee of Strickler Insurance, we can help you through this process.
  4. Take the pre-licensing courses (if your state requires it as Pennsylvania does). And take your licensing exam.
  5. Pass a background check and submit an application.
  6. Get appointed with an insurance company. In order to sell insurance, an insurance company must, in a sense, sponsor or partner with you. This is why you typically need to start as an employee in an insurance agency before you can branch off on your own.

Changing Your Career In Insurance

You can always change your insurance career trajectory, but unless you create a target you might find yourself stuck in your career as a front desk secretary rather than a qualified insurance agent. Changing the insurance that you focus on can be as simple as adding a few qualifications or working with a department at your insurance agency that has the background and knowledge on a specific niche.

Strickler Insurance we have a wide range of insurance coverages we provide and focus on. Our team has the knowledge and experience to take you under their wing and guide you in your insurance career. Learn how to work in insurance and get your qualifications while working at Strickler Insurance.

Getting Started Working In Insurance

Even when you know what area of insurance you want to work in, it can be challenging to get started. When you work at Strickler Insurance, we help you through the steps to become an insurance agent. Our office is designed to train and equip you with the tools you need to become a stellar insurance agent. Our office provides a hands on understanding of working with clients and becoming the best insurance agent you can be. View our open positions and inquire today!