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Need A Car Rental When Traveling? How Insurance Can Help

By June 27, 2022Insurance

When you are on vacation or traveling for work, situations may arise where you need to rent a car. For example, if your flight gets canceled or the bus is delayed, and you need to get to your destination fast, renting a car is an option.
Additionally, if you are on vacation and just want to rent a car for your own enjoyment, you should be prepared with your own insurance. Renting a vehicle is a great way to explore on vacation. Learn how to protect yourself and the vehicle you rent with insurance.

Flight Canceled? What Are Your Rental Car Options

You were about to catch a flight home from a job you had all week. It is Thursday, and you are excited to spend the weekend with your family, but suddenly, your flight is canceled like so many others. The next flight isn’t available until Saturday night. What are your options?
If the drive is only a few hours, you can rent a car to get home for the weekend. Does the airline owe you compensation for the expense of a car rental, the gas used, or the extra time spent? No. Although caused by the airline, this incidental expense is not provided or owed by the airline.
The airline should compensate you for the flight ticket, which might help pay for the cost of a car rental. What else can be done in this situation? If you have insurance on your flight, some plans may have coverage for the flight, the loss of time, or compensation for a car rental.

Renting A Car And Your Car Insurance Coverage

Renting a car and the insurance involved can be pretty complicated. There are factors like location and the type of policy that you have that will determine the rental car’s insurance protection.
Essentially, the more coverage, the better. While more coverage on a car rental is more expensive, it makes sure there aren’t any gaps in the vehicle’s insurance. Gaps in auto insurance coverage means you can be held liable for the damages.

The Cost Of Being Held Liable For Rental Car Damages

You do not want to be held liable for a rental car’s damages. Why? Not only will you be held liable for the vehicle’s repairs, but you will also be held liable for the loss of business the rental car company experiences. Based on the time it takes for the vehicle to return to their fleet, the finances lost can rack up quickly.

Adequate Insurance For A Rental Car

When renting a vehicle, your liability and comprehensive car insurance should transfer to the vehicle depending on a few variables. Most car insurance does not transfer to other countries. Because of this, you should get full insurance coverage when traveling outside the country.
While liability and comprehensive insurance may carry over from your personal car insurance plan, you should also get collision. Collision insurance will provide more coverage that you need when renting a car.
In all of these situations, the coverage, the laws, and the plan all depend on a few different factors. Consider contacting your car insurance company to get more advice on renting a vehicle while traveling.

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