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Neptune Flood Insurance Review

By February 11, 2021October 14th, 2023Flood Insurance, Knowledge, Technology
The Pros and Cons to Neptune insurance app.

Post Updated: 10/14/2023

Originally Published: 2/11/2021

What Is Neptune Insurance?

Neptune Flood is an insurance company that only provides flood insurance. Using technology and different algorithms they created software that calculates and provides flood insurance throughout the United States.

Our Review Of Neptune Flood Insurance

Consider Neptune Flood Insurance as a potential option if you’re looking for comprehensive flood insurance. Neptune Flood uses modern technology and algorithms to provide coverage across the whole US. In order to assist you in making a wise choice, we’ll examine the main characteristics and facets of Neptune Flood Insurance in this review.

Neptune Insurance Quick Facts:

  • Year Neptune Insurance Started: 2016
  • Insurance Provided By Neptune: Residential Flood Insurance & Commercial Flood Insurance
  • Neptune Apps Rating: Web Based (No App Available)
  • Locations Neptune Insurance Is Available In:
      • Residential and Commercial Flood Insurance: United States

Neptune Flood Insurance commenced its operations in 2016, making it a relatively new player in the insurance industry having existed for under 10 years. The company focuses on two primary areas: Residential Flood Insurance and Commercial Flood Insurance.

Does Neptune Flood Insurance Have An App?

Unlike some insurance apps or insurtech companies, Neptune Flood doesn’t provide a mobile app; instead, you can access their services via their web-based platform.

What Are The Pros & Cons Of Neptune Insurance?

Technology always has pros and cons. It can save time, but how well does it work? And the worst part about technology is when it doesn’t work. Determining the pros and cons can help determine where you go with insurance.

If you were to get quoted the same price for flood insurance from an app and from an insurance company, which would you choose? Probably the one with the better coverage as well as the better service. Let’s see the pros and cons of Neptune Flood Insurance’s online flood insurance auto quote.

The 4 Pros Of Neptune Insurance

1. Streamlined Online Flood Insurance Quoting

With Neptune Flood Insurance, you can quickly and easily get a quotation on flood insurance. Using this effective procedure will help you save a lot of time when looking for insurance. You can apparently get flood insurance in 2 minutes or less, but Neptune Flood insurance does come with specific benefits besides saving time. While they do provide the same flood insurance as an NFIP policy, they have additional coverage options available specifically through Neptune.

2. Additional Flood Coverage Options

In addition to providing regular flood insurance equivalent to an NFIP policy, Neptune Flood Insurance also gives the benefit of extra coverage alternatives. This includes private flood insurance, which can provide for certain requirements above and beyond basic protection. However, because Neptune is an online platform, it is vital that you comprehend the specifics of these choices.
Essentially Neptune provides the same standard insurance, but if you want more than what is offered from standard flood insurance, you can get independent flood insurance. This is a different type of flood insurance. Because it is different you need to be aware of what it’s being covered. Since Neptune flood insurance is an online platform, you are responsible for understanding your policy.

3. Neptune’s Coverage Across the United States

The wide coverage provided by Neptune Flood Insurance is one of its benefits. Neptune offers its services across the United States, giving a wide geographic reach and protection for your property, whether you need residential or commercial flood insurance.

4. Neptune Insurance’s User-Friendly Approach

The user-friendly interface of Neptune Flood Insurance has received praise for making the process of obtaining flood insurance simple and hassle-free. The simplicity and convenience of using their rules without requiring a lot of human interaction has been welcomed by many users. Some Neptune Insurance reviews indicate that it makes flood insurance simple and direct without having to deal with people.

The 3 Cons Of Neptune Insurance

1. Absence of Personal Agents

Truly the negative of Neptune flood insurance is not having an agent. Flood insurance can be complicated because of flood zones and aligning it with your home insurance. If you have an insurance agent who manages your home insurance, then you should also have them manage your flood insurance. This way they can make sure there aren’t any gaps in coverage between your flood insurance and home insurance.

2. Varied User Experiences

If your flood insurance is managed by Neptune, they will be unaware of any gaps with your home insurance. This will then create more work for you in managing your insurance in the event of a flood. Having one policy and one agent will make it that your agent will be able to help more since they know both coverages.

There are a variety of opinions on Neptune Insurance from customers who have suffered floods. While some people have complained about problems with inaccurate coverage, others have found that the insurance lives up to their expectations. The variations in dwellings, flood scenarios, and individual insurance requirements might be blamed for the variances in ratings. To mitigate this, it’s advisable to consult with a flood insurance expert to ensure your policy aligns with your unique requirements.

Neptune Insurance reviews from people that have experienced flooding are mixed. Some indicate that they did not fee they were correctly covered while others indicated it worked as they expected. A lot of the reason for the mixed reviews is homes, floods and insurance coverage varies. It is always a good idea to speak with someone who understands flood insurance so you can make sure you will have the flood insurance coverage you need.

3. The Importance of Accessibility To Your Flood Insurance

Neptune flood insurance can provide the coverage you need, but after getting simplified coverage from Neptune, do you know it is correct? Is there a flood insurance agent at Neptune Insurance who can answer your questions or handle your claims at a moment’s notice? When flood damage occurs you want flood insurance agents that are fast.

Having immediate access to your insurance provider is crucial during emergencies like floods. Neptune Flood Insurance provides the ease of online service, but you might ask if there are specialized agents on hand to answer your queries or quickly resolve claims. An attentive and skilled flood insurance agent can significantly impact the outcome in the event of flood damage.

Is Neptune Flood Insurance Good?

For individuals who prefer the ease of an online platform, Neptune Flood Insurance may be a wise choice for acquiring flood coverage. However, it’s crucial to carefully balance the positives and negatives and make sure that your individual insurance requirements are satisfied. Researching your options carefully and weighing your alternatives are essential if you want to ensure that you have the appropriate flood insurance coverage and professional assistance when it counts.

Do not hesitate to contact our knowledgeable staff at Strickler Insurance for additional details on various insurance applications and to explore your insurance options. We’re here to give you the direction and knowledge you need to make wise decisions regarding flood insurance.

Compare Neptune Insurance To Strickler Insurance

When looking for the finest flood insurance for your requirements, it makes sense to look into your possibilities. Consider contacting Strickler Insurance if you’re seeking for an established insurance company. We can compare Neptune Flood Insurance with a variety of flood insurance providers, including private and public flood insurance.

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