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Pennsylvania’s Snowstorm Can Result In Flooding

By February 2, 2021March 1st, 2021Community, Flood Insurance, Flood Insurance, Knowledge
Snow storms result in flooding text over image of partially frozen river.

Pennsylvania has recently been hit by a massive amount of snow. Governor Tom Wolf has declared a disaster emergency for the entire state of Pennsylvania because of this February snowstorm. While western Pennsylvania is included in this disaster emergency, the primary area that is covered in deep snow is east of the Allegheny Mountains. East of the Allegheny Mountains includes most of Central PA and all of Eastern PA. Some of the heaviest snow covered counties include Lebanon Pennsylvania, Schuylkill County, Berks and Lehigh Valley. While the first snowfall is over, winter is not over yet. There is more winter weather on its way!

More Snow & Rain In PA This Coming Week

We aren’t done yet! According to the news it is likely PA will receive more snow and rain later this week. Depending on where you are located in Pennsylvania you may get a few more inches of snow. In southern Pennsylvania rain is extremely likely and in central Pennsylvania a wintery mix is likely to occur. As the snow piles up and roads like interstate 81 closed down, we have to ask, where is all of this snow going to go?

Flood Risk In Pennsylvania After Large Snowstorm

The weather on Thursday and Friday, February 4th and 5th create a potential danger for flooding in Pennsylvania. As the temperature increases Thursday, the snow will begin to melt. In the late hours of the day as the temperature drops the snow and water will then freeze. On Friday we will likely have rain showers mixed with snow showers. When the temperature is warm enough, it will rain and the massive amount of snow we have received will start to melt.

Great! The rain and snow will go away and things will go back to normal. Not exactly. Usually every six inches of snow on the east coast is equal to 1 inch of rain. That means some areas have 4 inches of rain waiting to melt and we are likely to receive an inch or two more later this week. This weather situation is a deadly combination. The frozen water from the previous night can clog drainage and create natural frozen dams that prevent water from escaping your property. The snow that does escape will result in a buildup of water in rivers and waterways. Meanwhile the rain and increased temperatures will result in flood waters in a variety of areas.

What You Can Do To Protect Your Home From Flooding After The Snowstorm

There are a few things you can do to protect your home from flooding and making sure the water build up can escape your property.

  • Shovel Your Driveway: When you shovel your driveway it creates an escape route for all of the water near your home. Shoveling snow away from your home can also help in lowering the amount of water build up.
  • Clear Frozen Water Dams: what do water dams look like? Anything from a frozen over drainage pipe, frozen gutters, and frozen over drain grates. By clearing these drainage areas away you will be able to see the water flow away from your home more effectively.
  • Learn more about protecting your home after a snowstorm.
  • Learn how to prepare for a flood.

Protect Your Home From Flooding After A Snowstorm

Make sure your home is protected in the event of flooding after a snowstorm. Contact Strickler insurance located in Lebanon Pennsylvania for a free home insurance quote or flood insurance quote. We provide home insurance and flood insurance throughout the entire state of PA as well as in neighboring states. Keep up-to-date on all the ways you can protect your home and property here.