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Pool Safety Tips For The Summer

In the summertime, we cannot wait to go swimming! It is one of the best parts of the summer. Relaxing in the pool or swimming with friends is what so many people in Pennsylvania look forward to over the summer.

Pool Safety Tips For Your Children

Most family pools are used by children. Playing in the water, creating world pools, and playing Marco Polo is a childhood necessity. There are a lot of risks involved when having children play in the pool. You know that as a parent. Compiled a list of safety tips to keep your child and family safe while playing pool this summer.

  • Teach Them To Swim: Teaching your children to swim is the first step towards having a safer summer.
  • Never Leave Children Unattended: Even if your child knows how to swim, you should not leave them on attended at the pool. Even if they aren’t swimming, it is dangerous for a child to be left alone in or around a pool.
  • Teach Your Children Not To Run By The Pool: Running near or around a pool can lead to serious injury. Due to the open water source, there are many slippery surfaces. Having strict rules that does not allow running around the pool will keep your children safe.
  • Have Children Wear Appropriate Safety Gear: If your child is unable to swim, having a life preserver or arm flotation devices (floaties) available is important for their safety.
  • Have Children Stay Away From Pool Drains: children are drawn to trains and pools. Due to the suction and movement of water, it is just intrinsically interesting. These water trains have a large amount of risk involved. If a child’s bathing suit gets caught on the drain, it can lead to them drowning.
  • Put Sunscreen On: this might be the easiest safety measure to take while your children are swimming outside in the pool. Putting sunscreen on will help keep your child safe and protected from the sun. This will protect them from sunburn, sun poisoning, and future risks of skin cancer.

Pool Safety Preparedness

Because you are reading this article, it is obvious you care about pool safety, and being prepared for any risks or injuries that might occur. Below is a list of pool preparation activities you can do to have a safe and fun summer by the pool.

  • Install Fences Around Pool: Putting up a fence around your pool can make sure the pool is only used when it is intended to be used. We have all seen videos of lawnmowers or off-road vehicles going into inground pools accidentally. Protect your investment and the safety around your home.
  • Have A Safety Floating Device: In the event of an emergency, or someone potentially drowning, you do not want to because I’m aware and be looking for a flotation device. Having a dedicated flotation device that is fully designed for your safety is important.
  • Have Strict Guidelines: If you have children you know it is important to communicate expectations. If expectations are not communicated, the default answer is I didn’t know. Having strict guidelines for pool usage will help your children to know what you expect of them, as well as visitors to know how to use the pool safely.
  • Learn CPR: This is probably one of the most important things you can do and being a homeowner with a pool. Getting your CPR certification, as well as lifeguard training, could help save one of your children’s lives or friends’ lives.
  • Always Have A Person Trained In CPR Present: If there is always a person trained in CPR present while the pool is in use, you can rest easy knowing there’s a trained professional in charge of the pool.
  • Install Drain Covers: As mentioned above, drain covers can catch on to swimsuits and lead to drowning. Take time to look at your pool’s drain covers, or lack of drain covers, and install appropriate train coverage to protect your family.
  • Keep The Area Clean: Keeping the area around your pool clean is so important, and very difficult. Toys and towels can build up very quickly around the pool area. Making sure everything has its own place will help keep your pool clean. A messy pool deck can lead to falls and accidents.
  • Have A No One Swims Alone Policy: Having a policy in place that no one uses the pool alone can truly save a life.
  • Avoid Alcohol & Swimming: Swimming while impaired has led to many injuries and even death. Avoid drinking alcohol while swimming in your pool.
  • Don’t Swim During Lightning Storms: if you have ever been to a public pool, this is almost public knowledge. Avoid swimming in your pool when there is a lightning storm or bad weather in general.

Home Insurance & Pools

If you ever called an insurance company for home insurance, you have probably been asked if you have a pool. Why is that? Pools are high-risk areas. The likelihood of injury at a home increases drastically when the home has a pool. Due to this increased risk, insurance policies need to have appropriate coverage to protect you and your family. Contact Strickler insurance for a free home insurance quote.