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Prevent Catalytic Converter Theft – Am I Covered?

Catalytic converters are being stolen more and more as the value of vehicles and their parts increases. In Lebanon Pennsylvania where our business is located, we saw a few businesses last year have catalytic converters stolen. When Roto-Rooter lost 3 catalytic converters the total value was about $1,275.00 and that was a year ago when everything was a little bit more affordable.

In that same month, Lebanon Valley Motor Homes also had a few catalytic converters stolen. While businesses are largely targeted by people stealing

Does Insurance Cover A Stolen Catalytic Converter?

Typical car insurance does cover the cost of a stolen catalytic converter. This is if you have the right insurance. Comprehensive insurance is the type of car insurance that would help pay for the repairs of a stolen catalytic converter.

Stop Your Catalytic Converter From Being Stolen

If your vehicle has a stolen catalytic converter typically you will not find out until you need your car to drive somewhere. What would make life so much nicer is if no one stole your catalytic converter in the first place. After it is stolen you will experience a major inconvenience. From having to file the police report to filing the insurance claim and then waiting for your vehicle to get repaired. All of this is a major waste of time. Below are a few precautionary steps to try to prevent your vehicle’s catalytic converter from being stolen.

1. Park Your Vehicle In The Garage

It is finally time to go through the garage and clean it out so you can park your car in it. Not only is it a good idea to park your vehicle in the garage to keep it from being stolen but you can keep it from experiencing hail damage, and of course keep people from stealing your catalytic converter.

Obviously, not everyone has a garage or this article would be about protecting your garage from being broken into. If your vehicle cannot be parked in a garage there are a few ways to thwart thieves.

2. Don’t Park In The Same Place

If you live in town, parking in the exact same spot every night after work can make you a prime target for vehicle theft or catalytic converter theft. Not all vehicle thefts or catalytic converter thefts are premeditated, but most people will think through their actions. If they see the same vehicle at the same location, they know it will likely be available.

3. Park In Front Of A Camera

Nothing stops catalytic converter thieves like video surveillance. If you live in Lebanon PA, Reading down in Berks County, or up north in Pottsville at the center of Schuylkill County. you should try to park near a business that has video surveillance. At least if your catalytic converter is stolen, they can catch the culprit and keep them from taking your next one.

4. Buy A Security Camera

Getting a security camera is a great way to deter thieves from taking your catalytic converter. If they aren’t the most experienced thieves you can catch them. This will help keep your community safer.

5. Put A Security Alarm On Your Vehicle

Place an alarm on your vehicle that will alert you the moment someone tries to break into your car or steal the catalytic converter.

Contact Strickler Insurance To Make Sure Your Car Is Protected From Catalytic Converter Thieves

No matter how many precautions you take to try to protect your vehicle’s catalytic converter from being stolen there is always a chance it will be. That is where Strickler Insurance can help you. Make sure your car insurance coverage includes what you need to protect your vehicle. Contact us for a free auto insurance quote.