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Protect & Prepare For Porch Pirates This Holiday Season

The Holidays Are Approaching

The holidays are just around the bend, and that brings a lot of excitement and holiday cheer. With that cheer are gifts of many kinds. It is time to consider how to protect those gifts from getting stolen before they even reach your home.

In 2019 over 20% of holiday shopping was done online. That percentage has probably increased since Covid-19. Many of our Christmas packages are delivered in the mail. According to CNBC, 1.7 million packages are stolen or lost every day! Do not be the victim of a porch pirate crime. Please make sure all of your gifts make it home safely by taking steps to repair for potential package theft and damages.

Ways To Prepare For Porch Pirates

The best way to fix a problem is to stop it before it even happens. You can prevent people from stealing your Christmas presents as they arrive at your porch by taking precautionary measures to deter thieves.

1. Get A Porch Camera

A great way to prepare for porch Pirates is by purchasing a porch camera. This information will help you in filing a police report, submitting the information to your insurance, and proving to Amazon or the delivery company that your package was stolen. In addition, you can easily order a camera for your front door online; hopefully, it isn’t stolen before you get it.

2. Have A Package Hiding Spot

Have a hidden spot for packages to be placed. If you have a large plant on your porch or chest that can hide your porch deliveries, you can protect your Christmas gifts from being stolen. Most places have an area you can place delivery instructions for your package. Whether or not the delivery driver follows those instructions is up to them. If the delivery company does not follow the instructions, it does make them more liable.

3. Get A Dog To Protect Your Packages

Having a dog that barks at every person who passes within 200 yards of your home can be aggravating, but it is a huge deterrent for thieves. The porch pirate is less likely to approach your home if your dog barks at them. This is because your dog can alert you to their presence; it also draws additional attention to the thief.

4. Track The Package

To lower the number of stolen packages, businesses have a tracking system to help you know when the package will be on your porch. Tracking your package can help plan your day, or you can plan to make a trip home from work during lunch to bring the box inside.

5. Get Insurance For Your Packages

A lot of high-value items offer insurance on the order. You can also contact your insurance company about valuable possession insurance. This is a great insurance coverage to get on things that go beyond the standard material costs.

What Should You Do If Someone Stole Your Package?

If you’re reading this, someone probably already stole your package, and you want to know how to fix the problem. Below are a few steps you can take to get refunded for the lost package or reclaim the stolen package.

1. Check With Your Neighbors

See if your neighbors saw anything. For example, if they saw your package being stolen or a different car parked outside your home, you can narrow down the time the package was taken or determine what type of vehicle the thief owns.

2. Check Your Cameras

Remember that camera you ordered after reading the first half of this article? It caught the thief on video. And you, being an expert in setting the camera up, can also determine the make and model of the vehicle.

3. Contact & File A Claim With The Retailer/Shipping Company

While not every claim is paid for or replaced, letting them know your package was lost or stolen is the first step in getting your money back.

4. Freeze Your Credit Card

If your credit card information was sent with the package, you might want to freeze your credit card for some time. This is where porch pirates will make the most money and steal the most. The worst part is the delivery company is not liable for your credit card information.