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Reopening Your Restaurant Or Bar? Make Sure Everyone Knows!

How to communicate opening your bar or restaurant in Pennsylvania.

How To Communicate Reopening Your Pennsylvania Restuarant

That is the question buzzing around social media, in Google searches, and in conversations at work. Is that restaurant open? Are they only open for take-out? Is there a cafe I can go to and work on stuff? What are their rules regarding masks? With all of these questions buzzing around, how can you make sure your restaurant is the answer to their question?

How can you effectively communicate to your local Pennsylvania community that you are open and guide them to your business?

Market Your Restaurant Business Is Reopening Online

When you reopen your restaurant, the fastest way you can communicate with people is online. Listed below are the primary online ways to inform your community that your business is open.

  • Website: Update your website’s homepage with the key information people are looking for. Your restaurant’s key information is your hours, your covid-19 policies, reservations, and your menu.
  • Google My Business: Google my business is the next thing you should update. Make sure all of your Covid-19 policies are correct. You can upload your menu to Google My Business and you can post about your reopening. This will help anyone who searches for your restaurant to know the correct information.
  • Social Media: Finally after doing all of that you can post on social media that your restaurant is open for business! Make sure you update your website and Google My Business first. A lot of people will see the post, but later they will look up your restaurant, diner, pub, or cafe for more information.
  • Email Marketing: If you have a list of emails from people making reservations online you should email all of them and inform them that your eatery has reopened.

Important Restaurant Insurance Information

You should communicate with your insurance agent about reopening. Make sure your business is fully prepared to reopen and get advice from them on your insurance coverage. Restaurant insurance is vital to your business’s survival. Make sure your Pennsylvania restaurant big or small is insured appropriately before reopening. Contact us for a free insurance quote.

The Easiest, And Laziest Way To Tell People Your Restaurant Is Opening Back Up

Buy a large sign! Get A huge sign and put it in front of your restaurant indicating you are open. Make sure there is no question or doubt that your business is open. 

Be sure your digital information aligns with your sign. If there is any doubt that your restaurant is open, people will likely go somewhere else that communicated it more effectively. Or, if you do not have your opening information unified and well displayed, you may receive phone calls from confused patrons.

We are excited for you to be opening back up! Contact us for a restaurant or bar insurance quote.