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Rodents Damaging Your Vehicle? Are You Covered?

It seems like no matter how cold or warm it gets in Pennsylvania pesky rodents are trying to get in and out of our homes and in and out of our vehicles. There have been a large number of car insurance calls in the past asking if their vehicle is covered for rodent damage. As long as you have the correct auto insurance the answer is yes!

Rodents typically chew on wires in cars and trucks. We have seen in rare cases rodents chewing on different parts of vehicles and getting into the interior or nesting within the vehicle itself.

Damage From Rodents Is Covered By Comprehensive Insurance

Damage from rodents to your vehicle is covered by comprehensive auto insurance. This is the same insurance that protects you from hitting a deer or when a stone skips up from the road and chips your windshield.

RV Insurance Is Different & Needs Exclusive Rodent Insurance

RVs are homes on wheels, and we all know there is way more food in our homes than in our cars. Rodent damage and RV insurance is a little different for multiple reasons. There is a higher likelihood of a rodent damaging your RV than your car. 

3 Reasons Why Rodents Are More Likely To Damage Your RV:

  • Food: There is more food in an RV than in a regular vehicle.
  • Habitat: There are so many nooks and crannies a rodent and their family can build their home in. Once they build their home they also have close access to all of your food.
  • Time: Your RV typically sits for larger amounts of time between camping trips and over the winter months when rodents are looking for shelter from the cold.

Due to the higher value of RVs, it makes sense that extra coverage is needed for rodent damage. We highly recommend getting rodent protection with your RV insurance. 

4 Ways To Stop Rodents From Eating Your Vehicle’s Wires

It can seem impossible to stop rodents from chewing on wires or damaging your vehicle. Here are a few ways to avoid getting rodent damage to your car.

1. Park In Your Garage To Avoid Rodent Damage

While it is likely your garage has a few mice trying to weather the winter months, there is a much lower chance of rodents damaging your car if you park it inside. This also cuts down on the number of animals that can get into your vehicle. Cats and possums will try to sit under or near your engine for warmth in the winter.

2. Set Rodent Traps To Stop Them From Damaging Your Car

You can set traps to keep rodents away from your car. If you do set traps avoid using food that will draw them to your vehicle. 

3. Do Not Park Near Open Fields

Open fields are a guaranteed way to have rodents damage your car. Since all fields have field mice living in them there is a high likelihood these mice will chew your vehicle’s wires or nest in your car. If you live in Lebanon county it is almost impossible to avoid parking near an open field.

4. Use Your Vehicle Regularly

If your vehicle does not sit for very long, mice won’t have a chance to damage your vehicle. Regularly moving, driving, or starting your car can cut down the amount of opportunities rodents have to damage your car.

Get Auto Insurance From Strickler Insurance

We are a professional insurance company located in the heart of Pennsylvania. Being surrounded by farmland we know all about rodent damage to vehicles. Get a free quote and some of the best auto insurance coverage through us.