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Strickler Express August and September 2013

By September 7, 2013January 7th, 2021Newsletter

Quality Employment Services and Training Inc.

QUEST Inc. has been providing services for the Lebanon Valley for over 52 years. For many years QUEST was known as the Lebanon County Workshop with a reputation for providing vocational training for adults and students with disabilities. Though QUEST still provides these services it has transitioned its programming from solely a “sheltered workshop” to a comprehensive vocational rehabilitation agency with emphasis on community integration and contributions. In addition to the traditional industrial training program, QUEST now also features a food services training program which offers catering, commercial and residential lawn care services, commercial cleaning, secure document destruction, an employment division that assists individuals with finding and maintaining community based employment and an Adult Training Program which allows individuals to develop and maintain daily living and social skills. Every QUEST program strives to meet our mission of “providing vocational opportunities which empower people with disabilities and other vocational disadvantages to achieve a quality of life that is of their individual choosing”. A key component of this is community integration and the opportunities to contribute to our community and develop meaningful relationships with other people in the community. One effective means is QUEST’s volunteer program in which participants volunteer for local organizations thereby providing valuable services while developing their skill sets and expanding their social capital. The goal is for all individuals in our community to take pride in their contributions and feel within themselves the dignity and respect that comes from being an active contributor to our community. This fall they will be partnering with numerous other United Way agencies to present a “Haunted Funhouse” which will be open to the community. To learn more about current and upcoming events or to see how you can benefit from or contribute to or volunteer at QUEST visit their website or call 273-8118. They are more than you think!!!!

Community Events

We at Strickler Insurance try to give back to our community at every chance possible. So, when Becky mentioned that she needed some help with SARCC’s (Sexual Assault Resource and Counceling Center) Walk A Mile In Her Shoes Fundraiser, the gang jumped into action.  The event was designed to raise awareness and money to help those affected by gender violence. From left: Becky Kissinger, Heather Brullo, Beatrice Freer, Patrick Freer Jr, Millicent Freer, Denise Eiceman, and Jordan Witman.

West Chester Window: Here Comes The… Wedding Insurance???

You finally found the person to spend the rest of your life with.  If you are the groom, you saved up and bought a ring.  Maybe you took her for a walk at sunset or went to your favorite sporting event; she said “Yes” and you can breathe again.  If you are the Bride, you have a ring on your finger, can finally take out that binder that you have been saving since you were young with color schemes and dress ideas and Pinterest just became your new best friend.  You’re happy, in love, and planning the wedding of your dreams.  What could possibly go wrong?  Everything!!

Wedding are always fun and romantic.  Aside from purchasing a house and car, weddings are one of the largest investments of your life.  You are relying on everyone that you hired to come together the day of your wedding and do what they promised.  Wedding Insurance gives you the peace of mind that if anything doesn’t go as planned, you are covered.

WedSure® has thought of every possible scenario that could go wrong and offers you coverage on it.  At the very minimum it will cover you if someone trips and falls at your ceremony or reception but will go as far as flying your whole bridal party into town to redo your pictures when the photographer takes off with your pictures and money.  We live in a very litigious society and venues are starting to pick up on that.  Many venues are now requiring the host of the wedding to provide liability for their venue as well as liquor liability.  This can be purchased for as low at $95. Some additional coverages that can be added to any policy are:

Special Attire– will pay to repair or replace the bridal gown, the mother of the bride’s gown and all other bridal party attire, if it is lost, stolen or damaged (including financial failure of the bridal store, tailor or seamstress).

Gifts– will pay to repair or replace gifts that are lost, stolen or damaged

Jewelry– will pay to repair or replace jewelry you own when it is lost, stolen or damaged.

Loss of Deposits– will pay for lost deposits that you have paid if they become nonrefundable because someone you hired to provide goods or services went out of business.

Cancellation/Postponement– protects the nonrefundable expenses incurred when the rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, wedding or private event, reception or honeymoon, must be canceled or postponed for certain reasons beyond your control.

And for those skeptical parents…

Change of Heart/Professional Counseling- coverage pays for professional counseling prescribed by a medical physician and resulting from a covered cancellation.

One great example of many people being affected was Hurricane Sandy.  There is even a Facebook page to “Helping Brides in the Wake of Hurricane Sandy”.  Let’s hope they were covered!

Going Green

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