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Strickler Express December 2015

By December 18, 2015December 18th, 2020

The Strickler Express is Strickler Insurance’s Newsletter for friends and clients of Strickler Insurance. We have been sending out the Strickler Express since 1982. Contact us to learn more about insurance and request a free insurance quote.

Season’s Greatest Gift

One of the qualities that make us human is the ability to show kindness to each other.     During the holiday season, we see many examples of kindness shown.  Donations to local food banks, toys for children in need, and boxes for our troops serving our country.  These shared kindnesses are very important, but there is something intrinsically special about the unexpected act of kindness that is easy to share with each other.

Some of these may include gestures such as letting a busy young mother with children go ahead in line at the store; patience with a person who is struggling to pay for stamps at the post office, or saying “Good Morning” to a person standing next to you in line.

The holiday spirit can make it natural to be kind to each other as we celebrate Christmas, other religious holidays and the New Year.  It is when people show kindness at other times of the year that can especially buoy another’s spirit.

We always told our children that we never know what burdens someone is shouldering and there may be a reason for a person’s grumpiness that we cannot see.  To be kind to this behavior is sometimes the most important of all.  My first reaction is to respond in a similar manner.  This is something that I need to improve.

This season takes on special meaning in that we are grateful for many things, most notably the addition of another grandchild, Winifred Freer.  Her sisters and brother are not sure if they are going to be calling her Win or Winnie.  She is doing well as is her mom, Willa.

Thank you for allowing us to help you with your insurance needs.  As we look forward to this coming year, we will continue to provide ideas and reminders on how to make your home, auto and business a safer place.

Enjoy your special gifts of family and friends for your presence may be the best present!

Co-Op Insurance Agency

As of October 22nd, the Co-Op Insurance Agency of Myerstown became a part of Strickler Insurance Agency. The Co-Op Agency has had a long history of providing personal insurance and business insurance solutions for grocery store owners and other businesses associated with the food industry. The Co-Op team will be part of our Grocery Insurance Pro program which provides high level of insurance coverage and can be located at

At this time, we will be servicing the policies of all current Co-Op Agency clients. The expertise and high standard of customer service that attracted clients to the Co-Op Agency will be continued by the professional staff of Strickler Insurance Agency.

10 Bad Decisions That Can Impact Your Auto Insurance Coverage

We often forget that our auto insurance policies are contracts. Besides paying your premium on time, you should abide by your car insurance company’s rules. But how can you abide by the rules when you don’t even know what they are? Here are 10 common scenarios that our clients often ask about. If any of these hit close to home, quickly fix the issue before you get in a pickle.

1. You haven’t added a licensed teen to your car insurance policy.

Insurers are permitted to consider all household residents when they price a policy, including a teen. Withholding information about your teen driver from your car insurance company is a big no-no.

2. You let your adult child take your car with her when she moved to another state.

If your son/daughter were in an accident, your insurer could say you concealed vital information about the vehicle’s location, deny your claim, and cancel the policy.

3. You sold your car to your son but still carry the insurance on it.

Since you are no longer the car’s owner, it’s time for the new owner – your child – to buy insurance for the vehicle.

4. You lend your car to a friend for a few months and don’t notify the insurance company.

Your car insurance policy typically will cover a friend who drives your car occasionally, but it’s a different story when you loan your car out for a long period.

5. You sold your car and the buyer is making payments but you’re still carrying the title and insurance.

Don’t keep your name and insurance on a car that another person possesses!

6. You’re delivering pizzas, newspapers, or using your personal vehicle for any other business use.

Most personal auto insurance policies exclude coverage if you use the vehicle to deliver items, whether it’s pizza, newspapers, packages, etc. Again, this includes ANY type of business use of the vehicle.

7. You let an “excluded driver” drive your car.

Big mistake! When a named-driver exclusion is on your policy it means that the person listed is not covered under any
circumstance and shouldn’t be driving your car.

8. You bought a new car weeks ago and haven’t told your insurer.

If you traded in a vehicle, then your car insurance policy extends same exact coverage to your new car but only for a limited time. Never depend on the dealer alone to make us aware of a change in vehicles!

9. You haven’t told your insurance company that your live-in girlfriend/boyfriend drives your car.

Let the insurance company know immediately if you recently got married or moved in with someone to avoid a possible claim being denied.

10. Your child gives permission for a friend to use your own vehicle.

Bad idea! Just because your child gave them permission does not mean they have your permission. Avoid a potential denial of coverage in the event of a claim!