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Strickler Express May 2014

By May 21, 2014December 30th, 2020

The Strickler Express is Strickler Insurance’s Newsletter for friends and clients of Strickler Insurance. We have been sending out the Strickler Express since 1982. Contact us to learn more about insurance and request a free insurance quote.

Protecting Your Valuable Items

Every basic home insurance policy comes with some personal property coverage. But a standard homeowner’s policy does not cover all types of property and sets limits on the amounts it will pay for certain types of losses.

Insurers have solved this problem by offering policy holders the option of scheduled personal property coverage. This endorsement can be added to your homeowner’s insurance coverage, providing you extra coverage for valuable property items you specifically list. Some examples of items you can schedule on this type of endorsement include fine furs, antiques, paintings, guns, and expensive jewelry.

To schedule your item, you might need to obtain an appraisal from an expert if the value is $5,000 or greater. The appraisal should be no more than 5 years old. This may be a jeweler or a rare coin dealer. You will submit the appraisal, if the value warrants one, to the insurance company with your request to have the item scheduled on the policy.

Scheduled personal property coverage offers three distinct advantages over just a standard insurance policy:

  • Replacement cost value – Scheduled items are covered on a replacement cost basis, rather than cash value. A standard homeowner’s policy covers losses to personal property on an actual cash value basis. Insurance companies determine actual cash value by taking the cost to replace an item and subtracting depreciation for each year of the articles age. With replacement cost, you get the real cost to replace the damaged or lost item, based on the appraisal you submitted when you scheduled the item, or based on a new appraisal you obtain after the incident, without a deduction for depreciation.
  • Covers more causes of loss – Scheduled property covers more perils than a standard homeowner’s policy. By scheduling your valuable property items, you gain coverage for almost anything that might happen. Even if you just lose a set of earrings, you can put in a claim.
  • No deductible – With scheduled personal property coverage, you are not responsible for paying a deductible on any of your scheduled items, whereas should you not schedule, you are subject to your home insurance deductible.

Give us a call at 844-655-7480 so we can make sure your valuable belongings are protected!

Strickler Insurance Employee Spotlight

Patricia Rhine

Long time co-worker and friend, Patricia (a.k.a. Trish) Rhine, is retiring after working with us for 25 years. Trish will be taking that time to enjoy her family, friends, and relaxing. We will miss her dearly and we wish her well.

Vicki Johnson

Vicki is a Nana! Commercial lines agent and claims specialist, Vicki Johnson, became a 1st time grandmother on March 12th. All are doing well and Vicki is just glowing with pride. Congratulations, Vicki!

Online Home and Auto Quotes Now Available

By popular demand, we have updated our website to provide preliminary auto and homeowners quotes for new business!  This is in addition to being able to pay your bill, request a change to your policy, and report a claim.

West Chester Window: Distracted Driving – Using Technology To Stay Safe

Forty percent of all American teens say they have been in a car when the driver used a cell phone in a way that put people in danger. – Pew Survey/Federal Communications Commission

From the first time you carefully buckle your child into their car seat or strap on their bike helmet, you’re constantly trying to keep them safe. It’s no different when they sit behind the wheel of the car. Unfortunately, teenage drivers are statistically among the most commonly distracted drivers due to cell phone use. But, as much as technology can be to blame in this situation, it can also be used to prevent distracted driving.

Various programs are now available to control and disable cell phone usage while driving a vehicle, which can be especially helpful with young drivers. In many of these systems, a trigger device is installed in the vehicle, which is then activated when the vehicle is in motion. Additionally, a Bluetooth signal can be programmed to disable texting, email, apps, and internet access.

Please research which programs are compatible with your cell phone and vehicle. For more information on distracted driving, log on to

Article courtesy of Maine Mutual Insurance Group

Strickler Insurance Reviews & Feedback

Thank You! We build our Agency on your positive comments:

“I had my home and auto insurance with AARP through The Hartford. Thanks to Denise and her efforts to lower my costs which were going up and up I saved a lot of money on my home and auto insurance. I always dealt with the company direct without an agent but now I think an agent just makes sense. Thank you Denise.”

-Arthur Commisso,
Lebanon PA

“We have always had top notch customer service in all departments at Strickler Ins. From health care, auto, workmans comp, and liability.”

-Woodmasters Custom Cabinetry,
Newmanstown PA

“I initially contacted Pat regarding switching our insurance. He was very helpful in our initial conversation regarding our possible savings in switching. He then referred us to Denise who made the process of switching companies seemless and so convenient. Her knowledge in regards to our policy and situation saved us even more money than we initially thought too!!! I am so pleased at the quality and efficiency of the service we have received!”

-Stephanie Livingston,
Jonestown PA