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Strickler Express May and June 2010

By June 7, 2010January 7th, 2021

Business Of The Month: Capital Business Systems

Rachel Showalter, Director of Sales

Capital Business Systems has been based in Harrisburg and has served the Central Pennsylvania business community, since 1991. They work side by side with hundreds of  businesses throughout the region. In 2006, they changed their name from Block Business Systems to Capital Business Systems to reflect the area that they serve. And while the name has changed, their commitment to customers has not. Capital is a

customer-first organization, deeply committed to customer service and satisfaction.

Since Capital is locally owned and operated,  decisions that affect you are made here – by people who know you and understand your business – and not by some distant corporate office. For over fifteen years they’ve lived and worked in the community that they serve. They know that is something that’s important to you—and it’s important to them as well.

At Strickler,  we consolidated 4 printers and have moved most of our communications to paperless by using Capital’s Document Management System.  It’s amazing how much we’ve saved on ink and postage.  Plus, our faxes come in email form so we can delete the junk or save the document in the client’s file.  It’s hard to believe we operated without their services for so long.

If your office is trying to move towards a more paperless workflow, like us –  call Jason McMullen, 717 540-0800 at Capital Business Systems to see how their Document Management Systems can increase efficiency and reduce clutter in your office.

You Were Just In A Car Accident… What Should You Do Next?

When you are in a car accident—there is a lot running through your mind. How did this happen? Is anybody hurt? Will my car still drive? First off, try to stay calm and follow these tips. If anyone is injured call 911 immediately. If no one is injured, you should still call the police. With the police’s presence,  the claimant is more apt to give the correct story and not false information that could cause you a headache trying to get reimbursed for your damages.

It is always ok to settle the claim without using your auto insurance policy. However, you need to be careful that you are not being tricked by the other driver. They may say they will pay you for the damage they caused, but will they answer your phone call after you get an estimate to them? If you decide you do not want to contact police or the insurance company, there are a few pieces of  information you need to obtain from the other driver.

  1. Name, Address, Phone Number
  2. Insurance Company, Policy Number
  3. License Plate, Vehicle Make & Model
  4. Names and phone numbers of any witnesses

This information will help you to get reimbursed by the other party.

We are always here to help you with a claim.  Ask for Brenna.

Homeowners Insurance Coverage Quiz

True or False?

 1) Lawnmowers, ATV’s, golf carts and other motorized vehicles are covered off-premises.

2) Most personal property is covered if stolen while on vacation.

3) There is coverage to repair your porch if the foundation settles and pulls the landing away from the house.

4) Trees are covered for wind damage. Unscheduled jewelry, silverware, and furs are covered if damaged by a fire.

Insurance Tips From Your #1 Protection Team

Washing machines are one of the top 10 sources of unwanted water discharge in homes, and failure of the supply hose accounts for more than half of these losses-at an average cost of over $5,000. The primary cause? Hoses deteriorate over time and may leak or burst. To avoid hose failures…

  • Check the hoses for signs of wear or weakness at every change of season, or at least annually. Look for small blisters or kinks in the hose which could rupture.
  • Make sure your hoses have enough room to prevent kinks, which will weaken them.
  • If you can’t remember how old the hoses are, replace them immediately. Otherwise, replace every 5 years. High-pressure, metal-mesh hoses will last longer.
  • Always shut off the water valves to the hoses when the washer is not in use.


Insuring A Home-Based Business

Like most new home-based business owners, you hope your homeowners or renter’s insurance coverage offers sufficient protection. In most instances a homeowners policy offers little or no coverage for business-related losses. Generally, homeowners/renters policies are not designed to cover business exposures. Most offer a small amount of business property coverage, meant to cover incidental items, such as computers used for office work. Depending on your business, you may be able to purchase a homeowners/renters business endorsement to cover your business property.  If you operate any type of business in a detached building on your premises, there is no business insurance coverage on the policy.  Let’s talk about it.

Examples of Business Exposures

  • If you own and operate a service shop such as a beauty shop in the home you would want to add the service shop endorsement onto your policy.
  • If you sell Avon, Pampered Chef, Amway etc you would want to add the business pursuits endorsement onto your policy.
  • If you have your office in your home, you would want to add the incidental occupancy endorsement onto your policy.


Please give us a call today to make sure you are getting the coverage you need!