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Strickler Express May and June 2011

By June 7, 2011January 7th, 2021Newsletter

Business Of The Month

Since the beginning in 1953, Blyler Printing Company has continued to serve the Lebanon County area as a small family run business. Located at 138 Weidman Street, they continue providing complete printing services to their customers. From the simplest to the most complex designs, they strive to exceed their customer’s expectations when they receive the finished product.

From a business card, to a multi-part form, and even a company newsletter, the staff takes customer ideas/designs and puts them on paper for use in promoting and supporting the daily operations of their business or organization. With over 50 years of combined experience in the printing business, they provide the knowledge that allows their customers to feel confident with their projects.

Also, a segment of the business is devoted to providing mailing and fulfillment services to small business. With the ability to access databases that contain demographic information as it pertains to a customer’s market, they can put together a list of potential customers or use an existing database to help expand and inform individuals and companies about sales, discounts, seminars or changes taking place within a customer’s business through mailing. No matter how small or large the mailing project, they work to ensure that the end results will maximize the benefit to the customer.

Their ability to provide a single stop vendor for these services allows for customers to stay focused on their business/organization’s vital functions. Please feel free to contact Frank Saich or Wendy Root at 717.273.1312 or email them at to ask how they may help you with your next project.

Did You Know We Sell Life Insurance

 Life insurance is a simple concept — you buy a policy that pays your beneficiary or beneficiaries when you die — but the decisions of what kind of life insurance, how much of a death benefit and how much you pay are extremely complex.  There are more than 2,000 companies selling life insurance in this country.  In general, it’s wise to stick with companies that are rated A or better by most rating organizations.

Life insurance is far more than just a decision of how much to buy.   Depending on your financial situation, life insurance can be used for a variety of purposes, such as:  satisfying a debt obligation such as a mortgage or car loan, guaranteeing adequate funds for a college education for your children, estate planning, accumulating cash, transferring wealth or achieving estate tax liquidity.  Life insurance is like auto insurance in that you can buy a lot of it or not very much at all.  Life insurance differs from auto insurance in that, depending on the type of policy you buy, you can pay a lot or little for basically the same death benefit.

How much life insurance do you need?  It depends.  One common benchmark is your death benefit. It should be about six to eight times your annual earnings, but there are a variety of factors to consider:  other income sources, size of your family, whether your spouse works, the number of people in the family.

In the next issue we will be talking more about the type of life insurance.  These and other questions can be answered by calling our office and asking for Denise.

West Chester Window

The West Chester office continues to grow.  We welcome their newest agent, Dave Jones! Dave was born and raised in the West Chester area.  This is were he lives and wants to stay close to his family and friends.  After diligently preparing, Dave passed his license exam the first time he took the test and is now ready for his role as an insurance advisor.  He fully understands how hard people work for the things they have and he will work equally hard securing coverage to protect those things.  With a background in construction and a passion for fitness and health, he is ready to service the contractors and exercise facilities in the southeastern Pennsylvania region.  He will have the help and support of all the staff at Strickler Insurance Agency.  Again, we welcome Dave and are looking forward to many years of working together to protect the families and businesses of the greater West Chester area.

March & April Referral Winners

Congratulations to:

John Levengood & Jack Baum for winning our monthly referral drawings.  John won a $50 gift card for the month of March, and Jack won a $50 gift card for the month of April.

If your name wasn’t selected… don’t worry—you still have a chance to win the GRAND PRIZE, an Apple iPad in July!

DUI Awareness: Did You Know…

In PA, 27% of driver deaths in the 16-20 age group were drinking drivers, 44% of driver deaths in the 21-25 age group were drinking drivers. On average, 26 people are injured in alcohol-related traffic crashes each day. As of October 2003, the BAC (blood-alcohol content) was lowered to .08%. Drinking and driving not only results in accidents and injuries, but getting caught while drinking and driving could result in fines, loss of a drivers license, and even jail time, not to mention sky-high insurance rates. Most carriers refuse to write auto insurance for individuals with a DUI on their driving record. If your current carrier finds out you have had a DUI, they could refuse to renew your policy. DUI’s will stay on your record for 3 years. Talk to your teens about drinking, and make sure they understand the consequences. If you have any questions about this information, call us at 844-655-7480.