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Summer Vacation Home Safety Tips

It is summertime, and soon your family will finally be able to go on summer vacation. Whether you own a home or apartment there are a few things you should do to prevent robberies from occurring and general damages from happening to your home while you are away. We’ve compiled a thorough list of ways to protect your home while you are on vacation. By protecting your home with these preventative measures, you can fully enjoy your summer vacation.

1. Lock Windows And Doors

Locking all of your windows and doors Is one of the most obvious security measures you can take in protecting your home. Making sure your basement door or small windows are securely locked is extremely important. Take some time to lock all of your doors and windows before leaving on vacation.

2. Have A House Sitter When Your On Vacation

Before you go through this massive list of things to do to secure your home while on vacation, consider getting a house sitter. A house sitter is a convenient way to keep your home occupied and protected from threats of robbery. If you do not want to get a house sitter then take the time to secure your home properly.

3. Secure Outdoor Buildings When You Go On Vacation

If you have any external buildings like a garage or shed that has valuable tools or vehicles, it is important to secure those outdoor buildings. Many people overlook this step in protecting their homes. Getting access to buildings on your property will make it easier for people to break into your main home.

4. Have Lights Turn On In Intervals

Many homes are able to have lights set to turn on and off on timers. Another fun piece of technology is to connect your lights to your smartphone. This way you can easily turn lights on and off in your house from your beachside chair to make it appear as if you are home. This will deter people from breaking into your home.

5. Get An Alarm Security System

Take time to consider getting a home security system. A home security system can come with lights, cameras, and the capabilities of turning lights on and off within your home. Some smart home security systems even have the capabilities to manage your thermostat from your phone. A large majority of home security systems have an automatic call system. This call system will either dial 911 or reach out to a home security call center who will then confirm the threat and call 911 for you.

If you get a home security system, we advise you to not put a sign out in front of your yard. While on one hand, a sign indicating you have a home security system may deter people from breaking into your home, it also informs people that you’re protecting valuables, and what security system you are using to protect your home. Providing information on the home security system you were using to a person planning on breaking into your home defeats the purpose of the alarm system.

6. Set Up A Personal Camera Security System

Setting up her own personal camera system can help protect your home. Not only will the cameras be visible to people who are considering breaking your house, but you will have direct access to the camera footage.

7. Hide Valuables From Plain Site

Many homes that have been broken into, have valuable sitting in plain sight. Not many people would consider the risk of breaking in and committing a robbery, unless there was a confirmed a valuable to make it worth the risk.

8. Place Valuables In Your Safe

Place your valuables in a safe while you go on vacation. If you have a larger safe that is difficult to move, it is a good idea to place valuables within your safe while you are gone.

9. Install Motion Activated Security Lights

Motion-activated lights are a major deterrent for thieves. Please lights will help deter any unwanted activity on your property. Pairing motion-activated lights with a security camera system is an effective way to secure your home during the night hours.

10. Remove Outdoor Spare Keys

Many families have spare keys to get inside their homes just in case they lock themselves out. It is a good idea to remove the spare key from its normal spot while you are on vacation. Since you’re on vacation in your home will be left occupied for a period of time people who want to break in will have more time to search for your spare key.

11. Pack For Vacation Out Of Site

When you load your vehicle with packed bags, boogie boards, and beach chairs it is obvious to anyone driving by that you are going on vacation. Consider packing your bags and vehicle out of sight.

12. Don’t Post On Social Media That You Are Going On Vacation

A social media came about, and people posted online when they were going on vacation, an increase in robberies occurred. Avoid posting online about your vacation so fewer people are aware that your home is left empty for a period of time. Make sure you tell your children not to tell too many friends and that they need to avoid posting online about your family vacation.

13. Protect Your Home and Valuables With Home Insurance

If a break-in occurs while you were on vacation, are your valuables protected? What are the damages your home sustains covered? Make sure you have home insurance to protect your home while you are on summer vacation. If you own an apartment get renters insurance to protect your valuables. If you have valuables that exceed your home insurance coverage, consider getting valuable possessions insurance to protect your valuable possessions. Contact Strickler Insurance for a free insurance quote.