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Summer Camping Safety

Camping Safety

Summer Camping

Summer camping with family and friends can be a fun and memorable getaway! We are located in Lebanon Pennsylvania and are only 30 minutes from the Appalachian Trail. We love camping in Pennsylvania as well as our neighboring states. Here are some tips to help your family stay safe during your excursion.

Packing For Safety On A Camping Trip

The first step to having a safe camping trip is packing correctly. Make sure you have the following

  • A first-aid kit.
  • A fire extinguisher. Be sure to check the expiration date.
  • Battery operated flashlights or lanterns. Confirm the batteries are working and pack extra.
  • Cooking materials and clean water for drinking and cooking if needed.
  • Rain gear and tarps.
  • Fire starting device.


Setting Up Your Campsite For Safety

  • Arrive before nightfall so you have time to inspect the camping site. Survey for uneven terrain, broken glass, and sharp objects. Avoid setting up around areas that may cause trip and fall accidents.
  • If you are pitching a tent, avoid being too close to the water, under dead tree limbs, or near insect nests or poisonous plants.


Campfire Safety Tips

Your campfire has the potential to cause a large amount of damage. Make sure you manage your fire responsibly.

  • Check the weather forecast and do not build a fire if conditions are unsafe. Unsafe conditions could be caused by dry conditions (check with the local fire department on burn bans) or excessive wind.
  • Review and comply with campground fire policies.
  • Keep all combustible items such as fuel tanks and fireworks a safe distance away from the fire.
  • Never leave a fire unattended and do not allow children to play nearby.
  • Always extinguish the fire completely with dirt or water before sleeping or leaving the campsite.


Camping With Dogs & Safety

  • If the campground is dog friendly, always keep your dog on a leash. There may be young children around that could unexpectedly approach your dog.
  • Never leave your dog unattended, especially in a hot tent, camper, or car.
  • Whether hiking or hanging around the campground, always keep clean drinking water on hand.


RV/Camper Trailer Safety

We provide RV insurance and have seen a wide variety of claims where injuries have occurred. Make sure you are safely using your RV and camper when camping.

  • Annually service your RV by a qualified RV service facility. Servicing should include checking the battery, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, fresh water and waste systems, tires, LP gas system, hitch assemblies, and vehicle hook up.
  • At the campground, park on level ground and place wheel chocks before unhitching from your vehicle.
  • Level the camper before allowing anyone to enter.
  • Review your escape plan and know how to use the emergency exits.
  • Always put the retractable awning away when not in use to prevent sudden wind gusts from disrupting the awning and causing damage or injury.
  • Most campgrounds have water and waste hookups. If possible, avoid traveling long distances with full tanks to prevent weight imbalance.
  • Prior to traveling, confirm tie-downs, tires, and awnings are in good service and properly secured.


Get Insurance From Strickler Insurance

Whether you need auto insurance for your cross-country trip where you will be camping or insurance the protects your home while you are away, we are ready to provide the insurance you need. Contact us for a free insurance quote today!