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What You Need To Know About Moving Into A Lebanon County Flood Zone

By July 30, 2021July 31st, 2021Flood Insurance, Personal Insurance

Moving Into A Lebanon County Flood Zone

As the housing market continues to go wild and people are buying up houses in Pennsylvania, we have found Lebanon County home buyers are met with a new set of challenges. Due to recent flood zone changes, it can seem questionable whether an area is in a flood zone. Below are a few factors to be aware of when purchasing a home in a flood zone in Lebanon County PA.

The Lebanon Flood Plain Has Changed Recently

The Lebanon County flood plain changes actually affect both people in and out of the flood plain. People who are moving into the new flood plain need to get a whole new flood insurance plan and quote for a home that has never had flood insurance before. While this can seem challenging at first, if you hire an independent insurance agent, they can find the best flood insurance rate for you.

If you are moving into a home that was removed from the flood plain, great! But recognize your home is still at risk for flooding. Just because FEMA has mapped out new flood plains does not mean you do not need flood insurance. It simply means you are no longer required by the federal government to have flood insurance.

The good news is because your new home was removed from the flood zone, flood insurance is now cheaper for you! If you live in a home that used to be in a flood zone but isn’t anymore, you should look into getting flood insurance.

Another factor to consider is since the flood plain is newer and has only been established and accepted in the past few years, not everyone has purchased flood insurance for their homes. Some homes in floodplains are only covered by regular homeowners insurance and not protected in the case of a flood.

The Past Homeowner May Not Have Flood Insurance

Why does it matter if the previous homeowner had flood insurance? Flood insurance and the fixed premium can be passed along. If the flood insurance is not passed on, you will have to get a whole new flood insurance plan. The premium for a new flood insurance plan is probably going to be more expensive.

If you are buying a home in Lebanon PA that is in a flood plain you should have Strickler Insurance to compare the cost of private flood insurance and NFIP flood insurance. Private flood insurance can provide better premiums and better flood coverage.

Lebanon Flood Zones Have Changed

An important note to people unfamiliar with flood plains. There are a variety of flood zones your home can fall under. Looking at the new Lebanon flood zone map can be challenging because of this. Different flood zones require different levels of coverage. Having an insurance agent look at your new house’s flood zone will help to make the zoning and risk level clear.

See If Your Lebanon County Home Is In The Flood Plain

If you are looking to buy a home in Lebanon Pennsylvania we are so excited for you to move into our community. We also want you to be prepared for any potential flooding so you, your home, and your family are protected. Contact Strickler Insurance and we will look into providing you with the best flood insurance possible and the protection you need. Check this updated flood zone map to see if your new Lebanon county home is located in the flood zone.