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Errors and omissions insurance is a great insurance to protect you from some damages that might occur in your business’s advising. If your business manages information and advising, or works with information, errors and omissions insurance might be perfect for you. Errors and omissions liability insurance protects any business that gives advice, makes educated recommendations, designs solutions, or represents the needs of others.

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What Is Errors And Omissions Insurance?

Errors and omissions insurance or E&O insurance is a type of professional liability insurance. It is designed to protect businesses and professionals from liability claims of negligent work regarding errors and omissions. While this is beneficial to many businesses that manage and advise, it is exceptionally needed for professional industries that are data, information, and support driven. While data can be used to predict there can be outliers that make your advice 

Get Errors And Omissions Insurance Coverage For Your Business

If your business provides financial services, or information services, is a doctor’s office, insurance agent, lawyer, or technical-based industry, you should have E&O insurance. Adding E&O insurance to your policy will help protect your business. While a wide range of businesses get E&O insurance coverage, below is a few businesses that are extremely likely to get E&O insurance protection:

  • Errors And Omissions Insurance for Your Medical Office: Get E&O insurance for your medical office to protect your business and employees from liability claims against their advising and work.
  • Errors And Omissions Insurance for Dental Offices: Get E&O insurance for your dental office.


Does My Business Need Errors And Omissions Insurance Coverage?

You will not need E&O insurance until you do. What do we mean by this? Insurance is purchased preemptively. You technically can function as a business without insurance (except for insurance required by the government), but the moment an injury occurs, a lawsuit ensues or a fire starts. That is the moment you will wish you had E&O insurance. If you do not have E&O insurance for your business you will not be covered for

What Does Errors And Omissions Insurance Cover?

Errors and omissions insurance covers your liability in claims against in a D quit work were negligent actions. Essentially it protect businesses from the cost of a claim made by one of your clients. That claim would be against one of your employees who had provided advice or services such as a consultation, advising, or guidance in a specific area.

How Much Does Commercial Errors And Omissions Insurance Cost?

The average cost for errors and omissions insurance coverage varies based on the number of employees and the information you are working with. Contact Strickler insurance to determine the cost of there’s omissions coverage for your business.

Is My Business Required To Have Errors And Omissions Insurance?

No, you are not required by the state of Pennsylvania to have errors and omissions insurance. While you were not required to have E&O insurance, it is extremely wise to be covered in this area as a professional service.

Errors And Omissions Small Business Insurance

Getting E&O insurance for your small business will help protect your business from unforeseen costs. Whether you need E&O insurance business insurance for your LLC or your small business we can help provide you the correct insurance coverage for your small business. Many people just look for cheap business insurance, but we want to provide you affordable E&O insurance small business insurance that also provides quality E&O insurance coverage.

Pennsylvania Errors And Omissions Insurance

Strickler insurance has been serving Pennsylvania errors and omissions insurance for over 160 years. Located in Lebanon Pennsylvania, and providing business insurance throughout the state and neighboring states, we have seen a wide variety of businesses. Contact Strickler insurance for a free insurance quote on errors and omissions insurance.

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Strickler Insurance is an errors and omissions insurance agency that is dedicated to your organization’s growth. Contact us for a free insurance quote for your business. We provide insurance in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia.

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