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As a dealership you don’t insure each of your vehicles with a simple auto policy. No, automotive dealers motorcycle dealerships and even RV dealerships need a very specific type of dealership insurance to protect all their assets and their business as a whole.

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Purchasing Insurance That Protects Your Whole Dealership 

You don’t want to buy insurance that doesn’t protect you dealership, vehicles and business. When you contact us, our goal is to provide the best dealership insurance we can. This way when an accident happens or storm causes damage to your vehicles, your dealership is protected.

Types Of Dealerships We Provide Insurance For:


  • Auto Dealerships
  • Used Car Dealerships
  • Motorcycle Dealerships
  • RV & Motorhome Dealerships
  • Watercraft Dealerships
  • Franchise Dealerships
  • Motorsports Dealerships
  • And Many More!

What Kind Of Insurance Does A Dealership Need?

At the bare minimum a dealership should have liability insurance, and liability insurance that covers the vehicles that are on the property. There’s a wide variety of coverages for dealerships. Some dealers only focus on new cars, others focus on used vehicles, and others don’t even sell cars but some motorcycles, boats or RVs. Below are the common insurance coverages for all dealerships:

  • Dealership Business Owners Policy (BOP): A business owners policy for an auto dealer is an essential part of protecting your business. This is essentially a combination of liability insurance and property insurance all in one policy.
  • Dealership Workers’ Compensation Insurance: Having workers’ compensation for your car dealer employees is so important. Not only is it required by the state that you have workers’ compensation for your car dealer but it also helps save you money. By having workmans’ comp you are more likely to retain employees.
  • Dealership Business Crime Insurance: When running a car dealer you know there is potential for car robberies to occur. Having crime insurance for your business will protect all the vehicles in your fleet.
  • Dealership Cyber Liability Insurance: Cyber liability insurance is something almost every business needs. Think about any aspect of your car dealer business that is present online. Imagine if any of that information or data were stolen or destroyed. Lacking cyber security has the potential to not only damage your business and reputation but to fully close your car dealer doors.
  • Dealership General Liability Insurance: Liability insurance for a car dealer is so important to have. Protecting yourself from lawsuits or liability your business might sustain. Not having liability insurance could result in your car dealer being forced to close.
  • Dealership Property Insurance: Having property insurance for your car dealer will protect your organization’s assets and investments. Be prepared for fire, flooding, theft, or accidental damages that can occur on your car dealer property.
  • Dealership Umbrella Insurance: Having umbrella insurance for your car dealer is such an effective way to protect your business. Umbrella insurance takes all of your existing car dealer insurance and increases its effectiveness with additional payout coverage.

Dealership Employee Benefits

  • Dealership Health Benefits: Get group health insurance for your car dealer employees. Keeping employees at your car dealer business can be difficult, but by offering health insurance you can increase employee retainment and health for your whole organization.
  • Dealership Dental Benefits: Get group dental insurance for your car dealer employees. Providing dental benefits makes your business stand out to potential employees.
  • Dealership Vision Benefits: Get vision benefits for your car dealer employees. Not every business offers group vision insurance, especially not every car dealer. This benefit will help your employees see how much you care about them and their vision.


Do I Need Dealership Insurance?

General liability insurance is required for most licensed business owners in Pennsylvania and neighboring states. While this would be the bare minimum coverage for your business, consider the financial loss if

How Much Does Dealership Insurance Cost?

The cost for insurance coverage on your car dealership depends largely on the assets you’re protecting. If you get the bare minimum general liability insurance coverage, your monthly fee could be lower than $100. If you don’t have a lot of assets your coverage costs could be lower.

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Strickler Insurance is located in Lebanon Pennsylvania. Get your car dealer insurance in Lebanon PA, Pennsylvania or one of our neighboring states. At Strickler we hope to provide the best car dealer insurance. We provide car dealer coverage in New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Delaware and Virginia. Contact us today for a free car dealer insurance quote!

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