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Personal excess liability insurance is a great way to improve your insurance on multiple levels. It helps pay excess costs when your base insurance policy has reached its coverage limit. Learn more about excess liability insurance and whether or not it is a good fit for you.

What Is Excess Liability Insurance?

Excess liability insurance is personal insurance coverage that works extremely similar to umbrella insurance. Just like umbrella insurance it provides an extra layer of protection by increasing the amount of premium coverage on certain insurance policies.

What Is The Difference Between Umbrella & Excess Liability Insurance?

Difference between excess liability insurance and umbrella insurance is simply the insurance policies they apply to. Umbrella insurance is designed to be more of a general booster for your existing insurance policies. Excess liability insurance is designed specifically for liability. Excess liability insurance is a little bit more restricted. It can provide additional limits but it does not provide coverage that is not available in your existing policy.

Why Would I Get Excess Liability Insurance Instead Of Umbrella Insurance?

The main reason that you would get excess liability insurance instead is that it provides the insurance you need. Some people are in need of more liability coverage. Getting only excess liability coverage and not getting umbrella insurance would potentially save money while also increasing insurance coverage where it is needed.

Do I Need Personal Excess Liability Insurance?

This insurance coverage can help pay for defense costs or cost that pile up in lawsuits. People who have a wide variety of things insured should consider getting excess liability Insurance. Additionally, a lot of people who feel they are likely to be sued will get excess liability insurance. examples of people who get excess liability are business owners, landlords, realtors, local celebrities, or simply people who are in the public spotlight. There are also people who manage large financial accounts that see it beneficial to have excess liability insurance.

What Does Personal Excess Liability Insurance Cover?

Liability insurance on your homeowners policy, car insurance policy, motorcycle insurance policy, watercraft insurance policy, or any insurance policy that has liability might not have enough coverage in a lawsuit situation. Getting excess liability insurance will add an extra umbrella over those liability insurance coverages.

Great Personal Access Liability Insurance Coverage In The Northeast

Strickler Insurance is located in Lebanon Pennsylvania and serves surrounding states of the northeast. Our excess liability insurance coverage can help protect you, your family and your assets. Learn more about Strickler Insurance and con tact us for a free insurance quote.

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