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Everyone who rides a motorcycle rides for enjoyment. You may use your motorcycle to commute to work when your truck is in the shop or when the weather is beautiful but when you look at your motorcycle in the garage you think of freedom. At Strickler Insurance we have employees who love to ride their motorcycle and want to enjoy riding it. We want to provide motorcycle insurance that makes you feel free to enjoy your motorcycle.

We Provide Motorcycle Insurance For All Types Of Motorcycles

Whether you just bought a brand brand new Harley a sleek BMW or just rebuilt an antique Panhead we can provide your motorcycle insurance coverage. Yes, we even provide insurance for people who call it motorbike insurance or moped insurance. One of the benefits of getting your motorcycle insured with us is you can bundle it with other vehicles and even your home insurance. Some people who have antique vehicles and motorcycles love our coverage because we are their insurance agency for all of them.

Motorcycle Insurance Policy Design

Our motorcycle insurance is designed with your needs in mind. This will give you peace of mind when you’re riding your motorcycle in the warm summer months or in the cooler fall and spring months. We know what you are legally required to cover on your motorcycle as well as the best coverage for your motorcycle.

Custom Motorcycle Insurance Coverage

Just like auto insurance, we will customize your motorcycle insurance to fit your needs. Liability is the minimum insurance required for your motorcycle. This covers other people who are involved in a motorcycle accident with you while you are the one at fault. So if you get in an accident with your motorcycle the other person’s car repairs or replacement and their medical bills will be covered, your medical bills and motorcycle repairs and replacement will not be covered. That is why we recommend motorcycle insurance that protects you and your motorcycle.

There are other forms of custom motorcycle insurance besides the basic personalization. Some motorcycles have expensive electronics, trailers, sidecars, or GPS devices you might also want to cover. We can make these upgrades part of your motorcycle insurance plan. Another one a lot of riders get is roadside assistance. If you are riding out to Sturgis or down to bike week in Florida, having roadside assistance can be a lifesaver and make sure you are not stuck on the side of the road.

What Is Motorcycle Collision Insurance?

If you have motorcycle collision coverage your motorcycle will be protected in the case of an accident. So your motorcycle repair and replacement will be paid by the insurance.

What Is Motorcycle Comprehensive Insurance?

Comprehensive coverage on your motorcycle is additional insurance coverage that is an excellent way to protect your favorite motorcycle. Essentially if your bike is damaged by a fire, vandalized by an angry girlfriend, or stolen, comprehensive protects your motorcycle.

Contact Strickler Insurance For The Best Motorcycle Insurance

We are proud to provide motorcycle insurance that keeps you and your bike on the road. Being located in central Pennsylvania we see a large number of bikers in Lebanon and nearby towns. Whether you went to White’s Harley Davidson or Haldeman Auto we can help protect your motorcycle. Contact us today!

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