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Secondary Home Insurance

Coverage for your home away from home.

Secondary home insurance provided by Strickler Insurance.

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Your vacation home is a house just like any other, but do you need to buy home insurance for it? And since your vacation home isn’t your primary home how much does that insurance cost?

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What Is Secondary Home Insurance?

It is likely that you already know being on this page, but secondary home insurance or vacation home insurance is insurance for a home that is not considered your primary location of residence. This includes summer homes or winter homes for those of you that travel south as Pennsylvania and the north east gets covered in snow.

Do I Need Secondary Home Insurance?

You probably should have secondary home insurance. If you have a mortgage out on the vacation home you will probably be required by the lender to have insurance for that secondary home. Don’t worry, secondary home insurance isn’t always as expensive as your regular home insurance.

How Much Does Vacation Home Insurance Cost?

Typically vacation home insurance is cheaper than your standard home insurance. This is because of the differences in home insurance and secondary home insurance.

What Is The Difference Between Home Insurance & Vacation Home Insurance?

Normally, insurance coverage limits are lower for seasonal and secondary homes. This is because vacations homes usually have less valuable items, and there is usually less risk on the home since it is left unattended for a large portion of the year. This difference in home insurance and vacation home insurance is substantial and can save you a large sum of money overtime. This is why you should look into insurance for your secondary home.

Difference Between Secondary Homes And Seasonal Homes.

Above you might have noticed that both seasonal and secondary homes are mentioned. The difference between these two types of homes insurance coverage varies. Essentially a seasonal home is a home you spend a fixed amount of the year at. So for instance you might go down to Florida during the winter months two live in your seasonal home. A secondary home is essentially a vacation home that you visit sporadically. Since you don’t spend a large amount of the year at that home.

Renting Out Your Vacation Home

If you rent out your vacation home you are likely going to need a different type of insurance. This is because there is a lot more risk when renting out your home. Luckily, landlord insurance or rental property insurance will be able to provide the coverage that you need for your secondary home that you rent out. Not every situation is the same, so make sure you contact us so we can help provide the best secondary home insurance we can.

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Strickler Insurance is located in Lebanon Pennsylvania. Get your secondary home insurance in Lebanon PA, Pennsylvania or one of our neighboring states. At Strickler we hope to provide the best secondary home insurance. We provide secondary home coverage in New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Delaware and Virginia. Contact us today for a free secondary home insurance quote!

Secondary Home Insurance - Home in the Snow and Mountains

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