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Snowmobile Insurance

Stay safe on the snow with the proper coverage.

Snowmobile insurance provided by Strickler Insurance.

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Getting ready to ride your snowmobile is always exciting. Whether you’re riding on your own land, traveling north to ride at the cabin or going on an overnight trail ride, Strickler Insurance can provide excellent snowmobile insurance to protect you and your snowmobile.

Snowmobiling is such a fun thing to do in the winter, but it is an activity that has a high cost for the snowmobile and a high risk of an accident. Getting snowmobile insurance to protect your snowmobile while also making sure your medical costs are covered will let you enjoy riding your snowmobile all the more.

Do I Need Snowmobile Insurance?

Yes! Snowmobile insurance is most comparable to motorcycle insurance or boat insurance. They are recreational vehicles that are used for fun, but come with the same risk. You might not be riding on the highway with a snowmobile, but the cost of an accident is still the same.

What Snowmobile Insurance Options Are There?

Similar to a motorcycle you can get the basic liability insurance for your snowmobile. Accidentally go through the wrong field and damage a large number of your neighbor’s crops? This would fall under liability. Snowmobile liability would also cover a collision with another snowmobile or car. Snowmobile collision insurance would protect your own snowmobile.

Lending & Renting Out Snowmobiles

If you are a business that rents out snowmobiles, having snowmobile insurance is a must. This will protect your asset as well as the reputation of your company. If you are letting friends ride your snowmobile, make sure they are covered and your snowmobile is protected.

Flexible Snowmobile Insurance

Strickler Insurance can provide flexible snowmobile insurance that best suits you and your snowmobile’s needs. By contacting Strickler Insurance you can learn about all of your snowmobile insurance options and get the best snowmobile insurance.

Contact Strickler Insurance For Snowmobile Insurance

Play in the snow this winter with snowmobile insurance that lets you have the freedom to enjoy your time riding. We are located in Lebanon Pennsylvania so we almost always get enough snow to ride snowmobiles in the winter. We also provide insurance in New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia. Prepare for the winter months and make sure you are insured before riding your snowmobile.

Snowmobile Insurance - Family Out to Explore the Snow

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