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Classic Car Insurance vs. Regular Car Insurance

By December 28, 2020January 21st, 2021Classic Car Insurance, Personal Insurance
Classic Car insurance compared to regular car insurance with a shelby.

Let’s be honest, that car built in 68’ rebuilt in 89’ and detailed last year is a bit different from a used car bought from your local dealership. How you drive it, how you take care of it is completely different, so shouldn’t your insurance coverage for your classic car be different as well?

The Difference Between Classic Car insurance & Regular Auto Insurance

Here are the primary differences between classic car insurance and regular auto insurance:

1. You Have To Qualify For Classic Car Insurance

You can’t look at your chevy cavalier and say, “This is definitely a classic car”. There are standards that need to be met to qualify for classic car insurance. The vehicle has to be an antique (25 years or older that has “historical interest” and was built after 1922) or a classic car (has special or historical interest that is 10 to 24 years in age. Basically a specialty car that is not yet an antique).

Additionally, you are limited to 2,500 miles a year, the vehicle must be in good condition and maintained, and you must store the vehicle in a garage. Some insurance companies do not allow vehicles older than 25 years on regular auto policies. The requirements can vary depending on the insurance provider, but these are the standard expectations for most classic car insurance companies.

2. The Total Pay Out In The Event Of A Total Loss Of Your Classic Car

With classic car insurance, if your vehicle is lost in an accident or theft and it comes to the payout you have one of two options. Your insurance plan can either be set up to pay the actual cash value or it can be set up to pay the agreed or guaranteed replacement cost.

3. Classic Car Spare Parts Coverage

Most owners of classic cars also have spare parts for their prized vehicle. These spare parts can be expensive and susceptible to being stolen. Having spare parts coverage on your antique car insurance can save you money down the road and protect your investment.

4. Classic Car Traveling Coverage

This is a specialty coverage designed for people who take their classic cars on annual trips. If your classic car breaks down, this insurance pays for additional costs like food or lodging.

5. Roadside Assistance For Classic Cars

A classic car cannot have just any tow truck pick them up when they break down. A flatbed tow truck is typically needed to ensure your antique car doesn’t sustain damages in transport to the auto mechanic shop or your personal garage. A lot of antique and classic cars sit lower to the ground and could scrape or lose a bumper if a regular tow truck were to transport them.

6. Coverage For Classic Car Shows

There are two things that are covered at classic car shows.

  • First, if you are unable to attend but your vehicle is presented, your antique car is protected at the event.
  • Second, if someone is injured near your car at an auto show you can have medical coverage to protect you. Why would I need that? Accidents happen with old vehicles. Hoods can slam down on fingers and a variety of injuries can be sustained. Also, if you enter a burnout competition, there is a major increased risk of injury.


7. Classic Car Insurance Is Cheaper Than Regular Car Insurance

This isn’t always the case, but typically classic car insurance is more affordable than regular car insurance. This is because classic cars are driven less and treated better than average cars. This results in less risk and cost.

What Is The Same In Classic Car Insurance & Auto Insurance

We looked at all of the differences between insurance for antique vehicles and normal car insurance, so what are the similarities? Classic car insurance covers your vehicle’s liability, medical, collision, and comprehensive. Just like regular car insurance, classic car insurance covers the primary aspects of your vehicle. Since classic cars are not driven as much as typical vehicles there is a much lower risk to your antique car. Because of this your insurance premium can be much cheaper.

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