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Medicare Advantage & Medicare Supplement Plan

By August 24, 2021August 25th, 2021Insurance, Medicare, Personal Insurance
Medicare advantage and medicare supplement plan.

Deciding Between Medicare Advantage & Medicare Supplement Plans

Trying to decide what Medicare option is best for you? There are a few questions to ask before choosing a Medicare Advantage or Supplement plan.

1. What is the difference between a Medicare Supplement and a Medicare Advantage plan?

A Medicare Supplement Plan fills gaps in Original Medicare (For example, deductibles, coinsurance, and copayments). At the same time, a Medicare Advantage plan is managed by private insurance companies. It may cover services not covered by Original Medicare (such as routine dental, vision care, and fitness).

Medicare Supplement Insurance: A way to look at Medicare Supplement Plan is it “supplements” base medicare plans. Getting a Medicare supplement plan can help you cover additional costs or expenses. Learn about this plan and see if it could help you and your health plan.

2. How much does the plan I am looking at cost?

When trying to decide which Medicare plan is best for you, one of the first questions is cost. Cost depends on what you need to have covered. This is why it is so important to get a professional medicare insurance agent’s opinion on your medical situation and medicare needs. It is even better if you can speak with a local insurance agent in Pennsylvania. Our office is open in Lebanon, PA, where you can get advice on the medicare insurance coverage you need.

There are many plans out there but be sure to ask yourself these important questions when choosing the right medicare plan. How much will I be paying in premium each month? How much is my deductible? What is the maximum I could be paying out of pocket each year? By looking at the numbers upfront, you will be able to decide on a plan that not only fits your budget and your lifestyle.

The cost of your medicare plan can be determined by how you answer those questions. So when you come into our office, we will discuss these questions on medicare to determine which is the best and most cost-effective plan for you.

3. Can I keep my Doctor and/or Specialist on my new Medicare Plan?

Before choosing a Medicare Supplement plan, be sure to check that your doctor is in-network. If you visit a doctor outside of your network, you may have to pay more. Note, a wide variety of doctors’ offices take medicare supplement plans. So it would be best if you did not worry about changing doctors right away. Instead, take the time to look at the plan and see if your doctor’s office takes your supplement plan.

If your doctor does not take your medicare plan, you will have to change offices. While it can be difficult to change doctors due to your insurance, it can come with certain benefits. You will get a fresh set of eyes reviewing your health, and all of your medical records will transfer easily to the new office.

4. Are my prescriptions covered on this Medicare Plan?

When comparing different Medicare plans making sure your current prescriptions are covered is key. Be sure to check that your preferred pharmacy is in-network, but also make sure you find out the cost of generic and brand-name drugs for any current or future prescriptions.

It is important to note that you will need to purchase a PDP (prescription drug plan) separately if you go with a supplement plan. Why should I purchase a PDP plan separately? Because it may be financially beneficial for you to have this prescription plan to cover certain prescription expenses.

5. What happens when I travel on a Medicare Plan?

All Medicare Advantage plans must offer emergency coverage outside of the plan’s coverage area but not outside the country. There are plans out there that may offer coverage when you are outside of your area and/or out of the country, but costs will vary depending on the plan you choose.

Talk With A Professional When Getting Your Medicare Insurance

When choosing a plan for you and your family, always remember there is no cookie-cutter plan that is best for everyone. Having an agent who knows your health situation will help you get one of the best medicare plans for your specific situation.

Contact Strickler Insurance for Medicare in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, or outlying areas. We have a dedicated medicare insurance agent who can help you navigate the questions and concerns of medicare plans.