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Prepare Your RV For The Summer

By February 19, 2021February 27th, 2024Insurance, Personal Insurance, RV Insurance
RV spring cleaning and summer camping prep.

Steps To Prepare Your RV For This Summer

The snow is finally starting to melt and the weather is getting warmer. Pretty soon you’ll be able to take the RV out enjoy camping and going on road trips again. But while we are still in the winter months, you should take this time of hibernation to prepare your RV for your summer outings.

Getting Your RV Out Of Winter Storage

If you take certain measures when storing your RV for the winter, you can save yourself a lot of time and money each spring when you bring your RV out for the summer months. Taking steps to prepare your RV for winter storage is like making your bed in the morning. When you are ready to use your bed (or in this case your RV) it is prepped and ready to go.

Before you do anything check over the RV for any damage it might have sustained in storage. If you store your RV outside, check for water damage that can be caused by snow when ice build up. There’s also a chance for a bug infestation to develop around your RV. This will happen if you leave snacks or food in your RV over the winter. A lot of people leave their RVs at storage facilities. Make sure your RV was not broken into or had anything stolen.

Mechanical Work To Do On Your RV Each Spring

The mechanical work and maintenance you have to do in preparation for the spring and summer months depend on what you did when you prepared your RV for the winter. These are strongly recommended so that you can enjoy your summer RV trips without accidents or inconvenient breakdowns.

1. Hook Up Your RV’s Battery

Many people disconnect their RV’s battery in the fall and place it on a battery tender. Time to reconnect it! Because Pennsylvania has a lot of fluctuation in temperatures, I typically remove my battery when storing my RV for the winter. I keep my battery in the garage and have it hooked up to a battery tender. This saves me money and not having to replace my RV battery as often and it allows me to drive my RV long distances with confidence.

2. Check Your RV’s Tires & Tire Pressure

Don’t let a flat tire stop you from adventure this summer! The tires on your RV are also affected by the tech changing temperatures in the winter. Make sure you fill your tires with the appropriate amount of air. Don’t forget your spare tire. It needs air too. Having a flat tire and an empty spare tire make for a rough vacation.

Also be sure to check your tire depth. Since you know about how many miles you will put on your RV this summer, make sure you have tires that are equipped to get you there and back again. You may also need to rotate your tires.

3. Check Fluids In Your RV’s Engine

Making sure you oil is in good shape and nothing leaked over the winter is always a good idea.You should be checking your oil and antifreeze regularly, But by having set times you check your RVs oil you can make sure the engine is well-maintained.

4. Check Fluids In Your RVs Water System

Now is a great time to refill your RVs water system. We recommend that you drain the water system before storing it for the winter. If you store your RV with water in it system you could have frozen and bursting pipes. By draining it in the fall and refilling it in the spring you can avoid water going bad, mold issues, and leaks.

5. Check Your RV’s Windshield Wipers

This might seem minor, but you know how awful a road trip can be when your windshield wipers don’t function correctly. If your windshield wipers are worn down or dry-rotted, the moment it rains you will have to pull over. I would recommend having a spare set of wipers in your RV so you can change them the moment the old windshield wipers start to fail you.

6. Refill Fuel & Prep Appliances

Take a look at the fuel levels of your propane grill, and make sure your fridge is operating. If you use a charcoal grill when traveling in your RV be sure to restock your charcoal and clean the grill. Refill propane tanks and make sure you’re cooking appliances work. Take time to make sure the generator is fully operational refueled and good on oil.

7. RV Seam & Seal Inspection 

You might’ve already inspected your RV seams when checking over your RV for any damages. Making sure your seams can’t leak is extremely important. If you find any openings or cracks I can allow water into your RV make sure you seal them.

Make sure your RV separates you from the elements outside. Now is an excellent time to check over the outer seals of your RV. You wouldn’t allow your home do you have a large crack exposing your family to the elements, so don’t compromise with your RV. Check with your local RV dealer for seam sealant.

8. Did You Drain The RV’s Septic Tank?

If you forgot to drain the septic tank last fall you are in for a tough job. Make sure you remove any of the gray water or black water from your tank. Placed this water in a sewer connection since it can be quite foul and damaging.

9. Upgrade your RV to Make it last longer and Feel new

Before you hit the road this summer, think about adding some cool upgrades to your RV. They can do several different things for you. It can save money, Improve overall comfort, and make your RV look like a new one without the larger investment. These Upgrades are great for improving your feelings about your old RV.

10. Consider Equipping your RV with Solar

Not only is this better for the environment but it saves you money. By putting solar panels, your batteries stay charged, and you have power for lights and other tech without needing to find a place to plug in. This can allow you to explore more places that before you could not access. 

11. It Is Time To Upgrade Your Mattress

One of the best ways to make your RV truly feel like a home away from home is by buying a bed as comfy as the one at home. Making sure your back is supported and an RV doesn’t mean a restless night with back pain the next day is a game changer. A new comfy mattress means you’ll sleep better after a day of adventures.

12. Update The Kitchen In Your RV

Another place that can make your RV feel more like home is having a good kitchen. Whether you love to cook or just dabble in it, having a kitchen where you feel happy and comfortable can make a difference. By changing out the countertops, storage space, or even just new facets can make a big difference. A smaller kitchen does not have to be a worse kitchen.

Spring Cleaning Your RV

This is where prepping and cleaning your RV for the summer gets exciting. Spring cleaning your RV is what reminds you of past adventures in the upcoming trips he will be taking. Make sure you don’t miss a nook or cranny as you clean your RV.

1. Cleaning Your RV‘s Kitchen

When cleaning your RVs kitchen it’s so important to disinfect all surfaces. The kitchen of an RV gets the most foot traffic, make sure it is clean and ready for this summer! You don’t know what bugs or critters might have been able to sneak in while in storage. And if any mice got into your RV the first place they were going is the kitchen. Don’t forget the inside of your microwave and oven.

Whenever I clean my RV‘s kitchen, I check the silverware and pots and pans for rust. Going through your cupboards is a great time to remove any glasses or plates it it become worn or chipped. We also restock the cleaning supplies, paper towels and spices. You can Leave your spices in the kitchen over the winter, but be sure they are sealed, and you remove any expired spices each spring.

2. Cleaning Your RV‘s Bedroom

Cleaning your RV‘s bedroom is pretty simple. You should wash or replace your bed linens. If you didn’t remove the linens from your bedroom last year, make sure you wash them and give them a fresh clean feeling.

Make sure you check under the bed and under the mattress. Bugs love talking themselves in under the mattress. Our camper has windows in the bedroom. I always like to make sure they open nicely to avoid a stuffy nights sleep. If you have difficulty opening your camper windows adding a little bit of WD-40 will help.

3. Cleaning Your RVs Living Area

Clean & reorganize main living space in your RV. A lot of RVs have different types of areas for living space. Some collide with the area in the front where you were driving. It is always a good idea to clean the area and supply it with driving in mind.

I have tissues in reach of my driver seat as well as a nice container that holds my snacks. Remember, you can always restructure your living quarters while you are parked, not while you are driving.

4. Cleaning Your RVs Bathroom

Cleaning your RVs bathroom can be one of the most challenging tasks during your RVs spring cleaning. Hopefully, you cleaned out your waste tank last fall, if not make sure you clean it out and restock your bathroom with toilet paper!

Before you even look at re-supplying the medicine cabinet and linens or toothpaste and toothbrushes give your RV‘s bathroom a deep clean. The process I’m about to describe for cleaning your RV‘s bathroom is my own approach, but it works quite effectively:

  • First I will go through the bathroom and remove anything I was old, expired, or not needed anymore.
  • Using a harsher surface spray I cover much of the bathroom shower, toilet, and sink. I will then let that surface spray sit while I clean other areas of the RV.
  • Upon returning I’ll wipe down the entire RV bathroom. Be sure to open a window to let the cleaner fumes out of your RV.
  • Next to like to let the bathroom dry, and the cleaner fumes to dissipate so you can breathe. If you are in a rush using a hairdryer to dry out surfaces can help speed up the process.


Be sure to restock bathroom once it is complete. Here’s a quick checklist the things you might need in your RV’s bathroom:

  • Towels
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • First aid kit
  • Shampoo and body wash
  • Razor
  • Fingernail clippers
  • Mouthwash
  • Hand soap
  • Ibuprofen or Advil
  • Most important of all toilet paper


The Final Step To Getting Your RV On The Road

You’ve gone through here RV and made sure it is in the best possible shape for your adventures this summer. But there’s one final step before you sit off on your journey. Make sure your RV has insurance. RV insurance is so vital, and should not be overlooked. An RV has both aspects of car insurance and home insurance, and the cost of an RV reflects that.

Getting quality insurance for your RV will make sure that you can drive it for many years to come. Contact Strickler Insurance for all of your insurance needs. Many of the people who we provide RV insurance for also get motorcycle insurance, auto insurance, home insurance and off-road vehicle insurance.

We are located in Lebanon Pennsylvania and serve our county, our state, and neighboring states as well. Get a free insurance quote today!