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Should I Go Directly To Medicare Or Go Through An Insurance Agent?

Hire A Medicare Agent Or Go Directly To The Provider?

Medicare can be a very difficult health insurance to navigate. There are a large number of options, time limits, and dates on when you can enroll and register for medicare. Then there is the question of whether you should go directly to medicare or if you should go through an independent insurance agent.

Below are some important factors to consider when you are searching for medicare insurance coverage.

Do I Need A Medicare Insurance Agent?

Technically, you do not have to hire a medicare insurance agent to get medicare insurance coverage, but you would be foolish not to. Medicare insurance agents provide the help and support you need to know when open enrollment starts and ends, when you can change medicare, which medicare plan is best for you, and when enrollment closes.

If I Hire A Medicare Insurance Agent Will I Be Charged Extra?

No. There are a variety of misconceptions about hiring medicare insurance agents. Do medicare agents charge a fee for their services? No, it is actually illegal for them to do that. They receive payment through the healthcare insurance company.

Since the medicare insurance company pays the agent, they do not get a cut of what you are paying for insurance. Instead, the insurance company is paying them to represent them and work for them. If you think you are being illegally charged extra by an insurance agency you should contact the medicare insurance provider to make sure the premiums match what you are being charged.

What Does a Medicare Insurance Agent Do?

A professional medicare insurance agent will do a variety of things based on you and your situation. Typically they will look at your existing plan and health situation and help determine whether your medicare plan is the best fit for you. They will communicate and educate you on the different medicare options. After working with you they will find the medicare plan that fits your needs and find out the cost.

Beyond determining your medicare costs and plan, they will keep track of when you need to enroll and update your information. With everything being taken care of you do not have to worry about when things change in medicare. Your agent will update you on changes in medicare that can impact your coverage and healthcare plan.

Getting Medicare Insurance Without An Agent

You can get medicare insurance without an insurance agent, but you have to do the homework on what the best medicare insurance plan is for you. The knowledge of a professional medicare insurance agent is extremely beneficial to have. They will help manage your medicare insurance and make sure you get the best medicare insurance option that fits your needs.

Contact Strickler Insurance For A Medicare Insurance Agent

If you are in need of medicare insurance and are having difficulty getting the information and the plan you need, Strickler Insurance is here to help. Our medicare agent has the knowledge and experience needed to set up your medicare insurance plan correctly. Contact us to learn more about medicare insurance coverage.