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Strickler Express December And January 2013/2014

By January 7, 2014January 7th, 2021Newsletter

The Affordable Care Act Help Desk

The Affordable Care Act has not been easy to understand and most people have found the task of enrolling to be daunting. Deadlines for enrollment keep changing so if you are still interested in getting coverage through the exchange, or curious about the premiums being offered, we can help.  The good news is that because of the delays, you will not pay a penalty for any previous months in which you were not enrolled in a plan

Our office was able to enroll many individuals and families into Marketplace plans.  Average time to enroll has been about 1 hour, and premium payments are made at the time of enrollment.  There still is the occasional computer glitch that affects some people, but for the most part the website is running smoothly and our experienced Benefits Team can help you navigate through it.  The key to a seamless enrollment is to have an email address, Social Security numbers for all family members, your current household income as well as your estimated income for 2014.

If you and your family are looking for assistance in choosing and enrolling into the right health plan, you can give our office a call.  If you have enrolled, but are not 100% comfortable with your decisions, you can also give us a call.  Heather or Rebecca will schedule an appointment and by the time your leave our office you will be enrolled and feel better about your and your family’s health care decisions.

Community Events

Before a large crowd of mostly women, including our own Debbie Freer (3rd from left in back), Governor Tom Corbett signed into law a measure that requires mammogram reports to include breast density information. Per Governor Corbet, “this legislation gives them (women) one more weapon to take on the fight to defeat breast cancer once and for all.” Debbie is on the board for the PA Breast Cancer Coalition and we are so proud of her and celebrate this fantastic achievement. For more information visit

West Chester Window:

At Strickler Insurance homeowner’s coverage is something we routinely sell to our clients.  We have hundreds if not thousands of policies in force, and each policy is unique to each client.  One common issue that routinely comes up is that of water & sinkhole coverage.  Let’s take a look at each to explain what you are covered for under the standard form, what you can buy as an endorsement, and what is never covered.

Water Coverage

Often confused with flood insurance, water coverage is a tricky coverage.  First of all, there is a major difference with flood insurance.  Flood insurance is a coverage that insures against a flood, which is defined as rising ground water that encompasses 2 or more parcels (for instance, your property & your neighbor’s property) or 2 or more acres of ground.  But this is info for a future article.

Just the opposite from flood damage, for insurance purposes, water damage is considered to occur when water damages your home before the water comes in contact with the ground.  A few examples of water damage include:

A hailstorm smashes your window, permitting hail and rain free access into your home

A heavy rain soaks through the roof, allowing water to drip through your attic or ceiling

A broken water pipe spews water into your home

Homeowners coverage will automatically cover most of these types of perils.  However, some coverage will need to be endorsed on the policy to cover specific claims, such as a loss due to sump pump failure.  If you have a sump pump but no coverage, it’s important to speak with your agent about securing this endorsement on to your policy.

Sinkhole Coverage

Sinkholes are a definitive part of PA’s geological landscape.  They are typically created by underground cavities either by natural or man-made causes.  In many areas that are rich in limestone, sinkholes are common.  And under the standard homeowners form, you guessed it, there is no coverage for property damage that occurs as a result of a sinkhole.

But there’s good news!  Endorsements are available that gives the policyholder a separate limit if this is a coverage you feel you need for your dwelling.  Speak with an agent to find out if your carrier offers this endorsement.

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