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As vehicle thefts increase, car dealers, autosports dealers, and used vehicle dealers should consider the high risk of their vehicles being stolen. Companies like HVAC businesses, construction companies, and plumbers also have a fleet of vehicles that are at high risk of being stolen. With the increased value of your fleet comes the increased volatility and risk of theft. Protect your business by getting properly insured for vehicle theft.

What To Do If A Vehicle From Your Fleet Is Stolen

If a vehicle or multiple vehicles are stolen from your fleet you are probably stressed and a little panicked. First, you should calm down, vehicle thefts from businesses occur and it will work itself out. Second, you should follow the steps we describe in our article on when a vehicle is stolen. The process for a stolen commercial vehicle is similar whether it be from a business or a person who owns a single vehicle.

If you follow our process you will manage the theft of your business vehicle extremely effectively and efficiently. Contact us for a free quote on vehicle insurance.

Recent ATV Theft In Schuylkill County

The reason we are putting this article together is there was recently a theft from Scheaffer’s Motorsports. This off-road vehicle is actually the second vehicle stolen from this business. They had one stolen years ago. No one was caught in the original theft so there is a chance this is a repeat offender.

The ATV was stolen from the Orwigsburg motorsports located off of route 61 reported Schuylkill Haven police. It is ironic, only a few days following the incident a police chase for a stolen vehicle occurred on route 61. While this was a personal vehicle there is no denying crime and vehicle theft rates are increasing at a drastic rate as their value increases.

The Difference Of A Personal Vehicle Theft And A Commercial Vehicle Theft

The key difference between personal and commercial vehicle theft is their insurance coverage. When a vehicle is stolen from a car dealer they typically have a specific type of fleet insurance that is prepared for this situation. When a plumber has a vehicle stolen from his fleet a more specific coverage is needed because of the tools in the vehicle and its ongoing usage. Consider the value a single vehicle in your fleet holds and imagine it is all stolen. This is why it is important to continually take inventory of the vehicles you have in your commercial fleet.

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