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Flooring Contractor Insurance

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Flooring Business Insurance provided by Strickler Insurance.

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Flooring contractors are able to take any room in a house or building and change its entire look. From carpet installers to hardwood and tile installers, flooring installation comes in many shapes and sizes. Strickler Insurance provides specialized flooring business insurance. Learn more about what coverage your floor covering installation business needs.

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Flooring Company Insurance Specialists

At Strickler insurance, we try to provide the best flooring business insurance possible. We work with a variety of contractors to know what type of materials they use and what type of coverage they need for their business. Being in business since 1860, we have worked with many local Pennsylvania contractors. Contact Strickler Insurance to get a free insurance quote on your flooring contractor insurance.

What Insurance Does A Flooring Company Need?

As a flooring contractor, you want insurance that will protect your materials and assets. You also want to have liability insurance/ Liability insurance will protect your business and its future. When working at a client’s home and installing flooring, there is a high likelihood for injury to occur or for your client to trip on the new floor. Make sure you are protected in the case of a lawsuit.

Liability insurance is only the minimum amount of coverage you need. It is likely you have a truck or a van to transport your flooring material. You will need commercial auto insurance for your vehicle. If you have employees you were also going to need Worker’s Compensation insurance for all of your floor installers. Take a look at the list below for our most common flooring contractor insurance acquired:

  • Flooring Contractor Business Owners Policy (BOP): A business owner’s policy for a flooring business is an essential part of protecting your business. This is essentially a combination of liability insurance and property insurance all in one policy.
  • Flooring Contractor Workers’ Compensation Insurance: Having workers’ compensation for your flooring employees is so important. Not only is it required by the state that you have workers’ compensation for your business, but it also helps save you money. By having workman’s’ comp you are more likely to retain flooring employees.
  • Flooring Contractor Business Crime Insurance: When running a flooring business you know there is potential for robberies to occur. From the job site to your warehouse, your flooring materials are valuable. Having crime insurance for your business will protect you, your business, and your assets.
  • Flooring Contractor General Liability Insurance: Liability insurance for a flooring business is so important to have. Protecting yourself from lawsuits or liability your business might sustain. Not having liability insurance could result in your flooring business being forced to close.
  • Flooring Contractor Property Insurance: Having property insurance for your flooring business will protect your organization’s assets and investments. Be prepared for fire, flooding, theft, or accidental damages that can occur on your flooring business property.
  • Flooring Contractor Umbrella Insurance: Having umbrella insurance for your flooring business is such an effective way to protect your business. Umbrella insurance takes all of your existing flooring business insurance and increases its effectiveness with additional payout coverage.
  • Flooring Contractor Commercial Auto Insurance: As a flooring business you are transporting carpeting, floor tile, or a large amount of lumber. Make sure all of your vehicles are insured and protected with commercial insurance.

Flooring Contractor Employee Benefits

  • Flooring Contractor Health Benefits: Get group health insurance for your flooring business employees. Keeping employees in your flooring business can be difficult, but by offering health insurance you can increase employee retainment and health for your whole organization.
  • Flooring Contractor Dental Benefits: Get group dental insurance for your flooring business employees. Providing dental benefits makes your business stand out to potential employees.
  • Flooring Contractor Vision Benefits: Get vision benefits for your flooring employees. Let’s be honest, you want the floor to look nice, what better way to make sure the tiles are correctly installed or the hardwood floor has an even finish than to have vision insurance for your employees. Hopefully, they can see the difference with vision insurance.


Do I Really Need Business Insurance For My Flooring Company?

As a general flooring contractor, you may not be allowed to work on jobs unless you are insured. Don’t hesitate to call and learn more about insurance for your floor installation business.

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Strickler Insurance is located in Lebanon Pennsylvania. Get your flooring business insurance in Lebanon PA, Pennsylvania, or one of our neighboring states. At Strickler, we hope to provide the best flooring business insurance. We provide flooring business coverage in New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia. Contact us today for a free flooring business insurance quote!

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