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Get A New Toy For Christmas? Make Sure Your Insurance Covers It!

Get a new toy during Christmas? Make sure you are insured.

Congratulations! You finally got that new toy for Christmas. Some of you got a brand new car or snowmobile. I have been trying to get my wife to buy me a new dirt bike and four-wheeler but with a kid on the way, she decided to get me white sneakers, some tube socks, and a polo t-shirt to tuck into my shorts at picnics in the summer. Okay, she didn’t get me the full dad starter pack and I have not been told to get rid of my motorcycle so I still have my toy.

One thing to consider for everyone taking their off-road vehicles, new cars, or a new motorized vehicle for a spin on Pennsylvania’s backroads is your need for insurance. We are thinking about your safety at Strickler Insurance and provide a free insurance quote so you can enjoy your Christmas presents this holiday season.

Drones, Drivers, Dogs & Drag Races

These are all so important and relative to your insurance this holiday season! Except for drag races. We just wanted to tell you, you should not drag race in your new Prius.

Insurance on Drones & Hoverboards

While presents like hoverboards or a cool drone are so fun, they can be costly. It is important to know that almost anything you can drive away – or in the case of a drone “fly away” – from your home is not usually covered by your home insurance. This depends on your home insurance plan, provider, and coverage. Just like car insurance or motorcycle insurance, they can be separate policies.

You might be thinking, “Do I need insurance for my hoverboard?” Why would that matter? Think of taking the hoverboard to your family reunion. The nephews start playing on it and pretty soon they are crashing through your sister’s house putting holes in the walls or worse themselves. From falling and sustaining an injury to going through a bedroom wall there are bound to be injuries to their home or your friends and family. Since it left your premises, it is not covered or protected. Depending on how well you get along with your relatives, you might want to have the bad hoverboard drivers sign a risk waiver.

In all of this, be careful and be informed about the risk and the insurance coverage you should have when using these new Christmas toys. From a hoverboard to a motorcycle you want to have insurance that protects your family.

What about the drone? Does a drone require insurance? Depending on the drone, it can be an expensive toy to replace if a gust of wind knocks it off course. Not only that, but you may be liable if the drone leaves your premises and cuts powerlines. The cost of repair would potentially fall on you.

How Does Your Christmas Dog Affect Your Insurance?

Dogs, depending on the breed, impact your home insurance. This is standard for all home insurance coverage. Most dogs do not raise the insurance costs, but you should contact your insurance provider so we can make sure you are covered for any damages your new pet might cause. I would recommend getting Potty Pads for your new puppy right away. They will save your carpeting and hardwood floor from stains and damage.

Making Sure Your Are Safe And Protected This Holiday Season

At Strickler Insurance we want to make sure you, your family, and your home are safe this holiday season. We love Lebanon Pennsylvania’s Christmas and the fun outdoor community who rides their new motorcycles, snowmobiles, off-road vehicles in these freezing Pennsylvania winters. Contact us to get a free insurance quote on your new Christmas present and drive protected this holiday season.