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Holiday Hazards To Protect Your Family From

The holidays are a wonderful time of year! From the beautiful Christmas lights and time spent with family to sledding in the snow and enjoying hot chocolate. All of this fun does not come without its risks.

From driving in Pennsylvania’s winter weather to an increased chance of home fires and property damage. Below are a few holiday hazards and how you can protect your home and family by taking the necessary precautions. Make sure your holiday is wonderful, happy, and safe.

Holiday Fire Hazards

Christmas time comes with a wide variety of fire hazards. Christmas time home fires are probably the greatest risk to your home and family during the holiday season. According to the National Fire Protection Association, December is the number one month for house fires.

Below are fire hazards you can prevent in your home. Make sure you have fire insurance in your home insurance coverage.

1. Christmas Tree Fires

Christmas trees are exciting, fun to decorate, and a major fire hazard. Bringing a tree into your home provides firewood for a fire. Ways you can prevent your Christmas tree from spontaneously combusting is:

  • Water your Christmas tree regularly.
  • Do not place your tree near electrical outlets or circuit breakers.
  • Do not place candles near or on your Christmas tree.
  • Keep your tree away from heaters and stoves.

2. Holiday Electrical Fires

During the holidays way more electricity is used. Whether it be from increased home heating or a larger amount of electricity being drawn to the holiday lighting you do not want to overload your home’s electrical circuit. Protect your home during the holidays from electrical fires.

3. Fires From Candles During The Holidays

Candles are not only placed on trees. If you celebrate Hanukkah you will be lighting the candles on the menorah. Make sure the menorah is placed away from anything that could catch fire. In general, more candles are lit during the holidays to improve the smell of a home or to create a feeling of comfort. Make sure you do not leave the flame unattended.

4. Fires From Cooking Thanksgiving & Christmas Dinner

As holiday cooking takes place there is a larger chance for fires. Make sure you use safety precautions while cooking your Christmas dinner.

Porch Pirates During The Holidays

Porch pirates are always ruining everyone’s fun and holiday cheer. Make sure you protect your home and property by taking steps to protect yourself from packages being stolen.

Cyber Security During Your Christmas Break

A lot of families work from home over their children’s winter break. With working from home comes the risk of logging into company servers from home. As more and more people are doing this, there is a greater risk to your data. Make sure you have cyber security insurance for your business over the holiday season.

Pennsylvania Holiday Traffic Safety

Pennsylvania is the Keystone State so we have a massive influx of traffic during the holidays. As people travel from the south to the north and the north to the south we are the state they drive through. Additionally, a wide range of tractor-trailers delivering gifts and Amazon orders travel I-78 and I-81.

Therefore, with more vehicles on the road in Pennsylvania during the holidays, there is a greater likelihood of getting in an accident. If you own a transportation company consider reviewing your fleet insurance. If you are a resident of Pennsylvania be sure to prepare for PA’s winter roads and consider reviewing your car insurance.

Contact Strickler Insurance To Protect You During The Holidays

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