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How Does The Extreme Cold Affect Your Pennsylvania Business?

By February 4, 2021April 9th, 2021Business Insurance
How does the extreme cold affect your business?

How Does The Extreme Cold Affect Your Business?

Pennsylvania prepares for extremely cold temperatures in the coming week, what should your business do in preparation? It is obvious that snowstorms and rain has an effect on people staying inside and not going out to make purchases at retail stores. In the construction industry, the weather always has a habit of slowing a job down. 

Extremely cold temperatures are different from rain and snow. You can still function normally as a business, but it can impact your sales, work, and workplace safety. Learn what actions to take to protect your business in cold temperatures.

Protecting Your Business During Cold Winters

If you have an office, retail business, or restaurant you should make sure you take action to protect your business from the freezing conditions. Below are common risks in operating a business in freezing temperatures:

1. Freezing Pipes Can Shut Down Your Business

The cold temperatures can lead to frozen or bursting pipes at your business. If this happens, your business can be shut down for a large amount of time causing a large loss of income and repair expenses.

2. Liability For Slip & Fall Accidents

Extreme cold conditions can result in ice forming. Whether it be within your business or on the sidewalk out front, you can be held liable for unsafe conditions that result in a slip and fall. Make sure you clear away all snow or ice from the walkway and roadway leading to your business. Putting out a sign indicating that the walkway is slippery can also help protect your business.

3. Winter Workplace Sickness

Due to the coronavirus, many businesses are well-versed on workplace sickness and making sure they are not held liable. Providing cleaning stations and clear safety protocols throughout your workplace is helpful in keeping your employees safe from sickness.

Loss Of Income Insurance & Business Interruption Insurance 

Make sure your business insurance protects you from loss of income in the event where your pipes burst from freezing temperatures. This could fall under business interruption insurance. Different businesses and different insurance companies have different insurance policies. Are you covered and protected financially as well as the repairs with your current business insurance policy? Contact Strickler insurance for a free business insurance quote for we will make sure you are protected from the unseen risks in owning a business.

Construction Site Safety During Extreme Cold Temperatures

Workplace safety is so important. If you have employees who work outside in the elements you should make sure they are protected from injury. If a person gets frostbite from the cold temperatures that will put them out of work and then they will also be in need of Workmen’s Compensation.

Higher Injury Risk For Construction Workers In Winter Weather

Winter weather impacts construction workers and outdoor labor jobs a lot. There is an increased risk of injury and more difficult working conditions. Here are a few of the things you should be on the lookout for on your job sites:

Frostbite: as the temperature drops there is a high likelihood of frostbite occurring. ?If your construction crew is not wearing appropriate work clothes they can get frostbite on their fingers and toes. Not only is this dangerous for them, but it is dangerous for their future work careers. Make sure your employees are safe on the construction job sites.

Slippery Conditions: On your construction site there can be a buildup of snow and water. As the temperatures drop they will freeze and result in extremely slippery conditions. Not only are your employees at risk for slip and fall, but your vehicles and equipment have a likelihood of crashing or colliding with each other. If a work truck collides with the building your crew is working on, not only will you have truck repair costs, but you will have extra costs on repairing the building. Having commercial auto insurance as well as builders’ risk insurance can help protect you in this situation.

If you jeopardize your workplace safety due to extremely cold conditions, you could be held liable. If an employee is hurt and sues you due to workplace conditions, you need to make sure you are protected in your business is protected. Liability insurance can protect your business from lawsuits.

A Drop In Sales During Cold Weather Conditions

When it is extremely cold outside, fewer people go out and make purchases. Your business can see a loss of income as the temperatures get colder. While this situation is not covered by loss of income insurance, there are ways to counteract the impact of the cold temperatures on your business is profit.

Meet people where they are at. Your business isn’t the only one that is suffering from the cold temperatures. People are inside and staying inside. Make sure your marketing can reach them through the internet, social media, and email. Let them know they can get warm at your business. You can also prepare for the cold temperatures by having less staff scheduled on days her colder or is expecting snow.

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