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Single Government Healthcare More Accepted In United States

How Will American’s Shift Towards Single Government Healthcare Affect Your Health Insurance?

In a recent 2020 Pew Research article it was found that both Republicans and democrats have shifted in favor of a single national government program. While a majority of the public are interested in this structure to health care, only 63% feel it is the government’s responsibility to provide health insurance coverage for all. Is government provided health insurance for all possible in the United States? What would it look like if the government were to provide health coverage for all? Due to data that indicates an interest in Single Government Healthcare, below are predictions on this type of Health insurance in the United States. Here are potential options and what the future of health insurance could result in.

Two Ways For Government Provided Insurance To Be Provided

There are two primary ways for the government to provide health insurance. Technically there are a million ways, but we are looking at two ways insurance has been provided through the government historically. One way is to have a health insurance tax. Essentially the tax is collected and health insurance is then provided through that tax. This is probably the only way a government run health insurance could be effectively provided. If health insurance were to be implemented in this way it would likely end the independent health insurance industry.

The only way independent health insurance could try to survive is by providing coverage for specific things that the government does not cover. If the government provided health insurance were to say they do not cover health issues that are preventable, people may invest in coverage for those types of issues.

The other way they could run health insurance is similar to flood insurance. While this is not the only form of flood insurance it is the primary form of flood insurance.

Looking At Flood Insurance And Government Run Healthcare

Let’s look at insurance that is already provided by the government. Flood insurance is provided by the NFIP, a government entity. While these types of insurance are not exactly comparable, the government could potentially go a route where they provide insurance in a similar way as flood is provided. Many flood insurance policies are through the government while others are through private insurance. This is because the government allows for flood insurance purchased through private providers to be accepted.

If the government were to provide insurance in this way, it would simply become another player in the market. If that is the case we as an insurance broker would help to sell government health insurance as well as private health insurance. This is the same as the way we sell private flood insurance and government flood insurance. 

Getting Health Insurance At Strickler Insurance

At Strickler Insurance we provide both private health insurance for individuals and families, commercial health insurance benefits, and Medicare health insurance. In our experience we see a need for a variety of insurance options. Find the one that fits your and your family. Contact us today. We are located in Lebanon PA.