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Why You Should Have Flood Insurance Even If You Aren’t In A Flood Zone

Why you should have flood insurance even if you aren't in a flood zone.

Rising water can be unpredictable. A lot of you are local homeowners in Pennsylvania who live well above the flood plain, yet your home floods regularly. Why does Pennsylvania flood so much!? There are many factors beyond hurricanes and weather that can cause sporadic flooding. Let’s determine what we should do to be prepared for the next flood that could impact your home or business.

Example Of Flooding Outside Of A Flood Zone

Back in 2011 Harpers Tavern in Annville Pa, just east of Hershey PA, sustained massive damages and substantial losses due to flooding from the Swatara Creek. In the video below the owner of the tavern indicates that they had not sustained flooding like this before. While she applied for federal assistance, certain damages and costs she will have to pay out of pocket. See the video about the restaurant’s flooding below.

WGAL Video Report

If you are located near a body of water or have sustained flooding in the past from snow melts, rainstorms, or hurricanes you should consider purchasing flood insurance. Having flood insurance outside of a flood zone can be cheaper than when you are located in a flood zone. Having flood insurance coverage for the occasional highwaters that occur every few years in Lebanon Pennsylvania will always be a smart financial decision.

Lebanon Pennsylvania Business Flood Insurance

Harper’s Tavern is just one example of many businesses in Lebanon County that have been affected by floods recently. After the 2018 floods, Lebanon County actually updated the flood plain. These updates took full effect on July 8th, 2020. Despite the flooding they sustained in 2011, Harpers Tavern is still located outside of the flood zone and is presently deemed to be in zone x which is a low-risk flood zone. 

In the video report by WGAL it is indicated that there was a lot of money lost in the contents of the basement. Food supplies were lost and damaged. FEMA does not cover the contents of your basement in the event of a flood. Their primary focus is are the repairs to your home or business. It would be wise for Harpers Tavern in Annville to have simple flood insurance coverage so they are prepared for any future flooding. They could also purchase private flood insurance coverage that protects the contents of their basement.

Understanding Flood Insurance

Flood insurance can be complicated, but it shouldn’t be. With all of the flood zone changes that have happened in Lebanon over the past few years, we are seeking to inform and help our local community manage the flooding and flood plains that hinder our county’s growth. Learn more about flood insurance and flooding in our Flood Insurance FAQ.

Being Prepared With Flood Insurance

Does your Lebanon County business or home regularly sustain flooding of any kind? Are you located within a few miles of a river stream or body of water? You should consider getting flood insurance coverage from Strickler Insurance located in Lebanon PA. Many Pennsylvania homes are susceptible to flooding when the snow melts and spring rains come.

We recommend this because we are located in the rail station right next to the Quittapahilla Creek that runs parallel to the Lebanon Railroad tracks. We know the importance of flood insurance outside of a flood plain. Having flood insurance on your home eliminates any gray areas in your home insurance and makes sure your home is properly protected. Contact us for a free insurance quote!